Flying the social media banner in San Francisco

Posted Dec 13, 2013

A recap of several social media trends seen over the past week.

They may have won the battle, but the war still remains to be fought.

The #12s watched the Seahawks drop only the second loss of the season, a painful 19-17 loss to the San Francisco 49ers.

The defeat dropped the Seahawks to 11-2. And, while the team still holds the NFL’s best record and is only one game away (with some help) from clinching home field advantage, this was also the second time an opponent outgained the Seahawks on social media.

According to our statistics, @49ers received 53,954 mentions on game day compared to 23,149 for the @Seahawks. Overall, the term “49ers” appeared in 163,334 tweets while “Seahawks” trailed closely behind with 159,366 mentions.

This makes sense because the game was back and forth. Both teams capitalized on mistakes and both teams played a great, hard-nosed game.

From an individual player perspective, the amount of attention directed at specific players is an interesting phenomenon. A player generates tremendous mentions during game day and those mentions spike if a big play occurs. This week’s biggest defensive play was by a player that’s not even on Twitter though. Cornerback Byron Maxwell picked off a pass midway through the third quarter.

But one example where this is true is for @Earl_Thomas. On game day, he was mentioned 3,477 times on Twitter. But over the two days before the game, he only had 352 total mentions. But other players enjoy a more consistent trend on social media. @DangeRussWilson had 16,552 mentions between Friday and Monday. Nearly half of those came on game day and a quarter of them came the day after. He must also be a great Monday Morning Quarterback.

A weekend for the #12s

Thursday was 12/12, also known as #12day on social media. With tweets, Instagrams and Facebook posts, Seahawks fans around the world showed their pride in a team that has captured the hearts of a city.

Breaking down the stats of #12day has been fascinating. Across Twitter, more than 2.8 million people potentially saw tweets containing this hashtag. Digging a bit deeper, only 1,027 original tweets were posted. The vast majority of the attention came in the form of retweets with excited fans, brands and local celebrities sharing their excitement.

We can even see specific tweets that fueled the trend. This picture was retweeted by celebrities such as Kenny Mayne and @Seahawks. By itself, it reached 336,508 people within the first hour it was posted.

Because people like to share good, interesting or intriguing photos, the popular pictures quickly gained steam, gathering numerous favorites and retweets along the way.

But now the emphasis shifts to #TGIBF and Blue Friday, I know that we’re all counting down the minutes until another victory gets added to the win column.

A win on Sunday against the Giants in New York has a lot of meaning for the #12s. There’s a chance of clinching home field advantage. The stadium is also where the Seahawks hope to be playing another game on February 2, 2014. And, the next win is win number 12. It’s only fitting it happens after #12day.