Five Questions With Celebrity Seahawks Fan Jim Caviezel

Posted Aug 24, 2014

We asked actor Jim Caviezel, a Washington native currently starring in the feature film 'When The Game Stands Tall,' five questions about his love for the Seattle Seahawks.

Jim Caviezel is a lifelong Washingtonian and devoted Seahawks fan since the team's inaugural season in 1976. He is currently starring in When The Game Stands Tall (released Friday), the story of California's legendary De La Salle High School football team and its coach, Bob Ladoceur. Caveziel, who also stars in Person of Interest on CBS, recently had a rare honor for any football fan, narrating the Seahawks' 2013 Super Bowl championship highlight film.

In a special to, we caught up with Caviezel and asked him five off-the-wall questions about his love for all-things Seahawks. Check it out:

Q: As an avid basketball player growing up in the Seattle area, have you always been a fan of the Seahawks, or what was it that turned you on to the sport and the team?

Caviezel: I became a fan of the Seahawks as soon as they got started. I remember idolizing Steve Largent as a young kid. The spirit and integrity he brought to the game was absolutely inspiring. I started watching Steve Largent in 1976 when he joined the Seahawks. For those 13 years I watched and recall and became a number one fan. He had the type of character that [De La Salle High School football] coach Ladoceur had, whom I play in the film, 'When The Game Stands Tall,' which turned me on to the sport and the team.

Q: Let's combine your passion for basketball with your passion for the Seahawks. If you could pick a “Starting Five” basketball team made up of strictly Seahawks players, which players would you have at each position and why?

Caviezel: The height doesn’t matter for this team; the heart does.

1) Kenny Easley – Toughness, intimidation

2) Shaun Alexander – Scoring 

3) Richard Sherman – Would be my Dennis Rodman, another intimidator, defensive specialist. 

4) Russell Wilson – Quarterback, he is my Michael Jordan

5) Jim Zorn – His scrappy play-style and his unpredictability are something that would be incredibly helpful to ensure success.

Q: A source (the internet…) told me your wife is the sister-in-law of Dallas Cowboys passing game coordinator Scott Linehan. Does that make for a “house divided” when it comes to football season? Or is she a fan of the Seahawks as well?

Caviezel: A house divided cannot stand. That means that when it comes to loyalties, there is a clear line drawn in the sand and that means that our loyalties to Scott supersede our own fan loyalty. We are Seahawks fans through and through, but when it comes to a choice between fan loyalty and family loyalty, family wins every time. That means that when the Seahawks play the Cowboys, I might have to catch up on yard work or something... 

Q: If you could pick one Seahawk (player or coach) to star alongside in the next big-budget Hollywood film, who would you pick and what genre film would you like it to be?

Caviezel: Pete Caroll will star alongside me in the film I am starring in now, 'When The Game Stands Tall,' and I would be his assistant coach - Terry Eidson - and he would play my role as head coach Bob Ladouceur. 

Q: How did you spend the Seahawks’ first Super Bowl win in franchise history? What are you looking forward to most this season?

Caviezel: I was at the game celebrating with all the other Seahawks fans. What an amazing day. My father-in-law, who is now deceased, was the biggest fan of the Seahawks. When we won, I looked up at the sky and said “THANK YOU.” I believe in our depth and our leadership; we are still the Super Bowl champion, so I’m enjoying the season. I believe in the Pete Caroll philosophy to keep finding ways to get better; one game at a time.