Eastlake Community Church Winner Video

Posted Jan 27, 2014

Eastlake Community Church got together and created Winner, a music video tribute to Seattle’s Seahawk heroes.

Anyone who recalls cringing at first sight of the Chicago Bears’ Super Bowl Shuffle will attest to the fact that the fortnight before the big game is better spent watching film than making one.

That advice applies primarily to the pros wearing pads. However, the rest of us require a creative release, and some 12’s have made the most of the first few hours following the Hawks’ raising of the NFC Championship trophy.

Giddy from the big win over the ‘Niners, the gang from Eastlake Community Church got together and created Winner, a music video tribute to Seattle’s high-riding heroes. Serious music connoisseurs may want to look away, yet commoners can’t help but smile and laugh at what has been wrought.

Winner instantly found an audience when it was posted to YouTube on Friday, and the clicks just keep on coming.

It’s part (OK, mostly) camp, part comedy. Jake Rutenar, who doubles as lyricist and lead rapper in the video, has laced it with nods to storylines from the Seahawks-49ers rivalry, including Coach Harbaugh’s khakis and hashtags galore. There are stunts (on roller skates, no less) and it’s got a beat you can, well, laugh to.

“The main reason we make these videos (they’ve done three since the 2012 season) in the first place is because we think they’re really funny and we love the Seahawks,” says Tom Noble of Eastlake Community Church. “The fact that other people like what they see and hear, and that they show their friends, it’s just a funny byproduct.”

Most fans were left emotionally drained by the Hawks’ momentous victory. Others, notably Noble, Rutenar, co-vocalist Leah Harris & Co., came away energized.

“We started writing and recording right after the game Sunday night,” notes Noble.  “I got home around 2 a.m. and we started filming at 11 Monday.” They finished with a couple more shoots on Tuesday before co-workers Grant Enloe and Jason Lewis began cutting up and editing the video.

It’s inter-spliced with clips from such sources as plumbing and recliners ads and unlike the Bears’ long-ago Super Bowl Shuffle, no Seahawks players’ reputations are jeopardized in the making of this video. As for the performers, they get the first laugh. If it entertains the 12’s the Eastlake CC crew doesn’t mind making fools of themselves, says Noble, and no one more so than Rutenar, who bears a resemblance to Vern Fonk, but in a good way.

“Everything feels and sounds fresh and hits home because of how quickly we turn these things around,” Noble says. “We run hard until it’s all done.”

Seattle TV affiliates started airing Winner teasers midweek and by Friday it was a done deal and available everywhere. It makes a great 6-minute double feature along with What Does the Hawk Say?

For now everybody is back to their regular gigs at Eastlake, but they don’t rule out another release this season.

“We’ll jump the shark eventually,” says Noble, while warning, “but when we win the Super Bowl and Jake gets an idea again, we might just put out another one.”