Earl Thomas disappointed with taste of Nickelodeon's green slime

Posted Jul 26, 2014

Seahawks free safety Earl Thomas was dunked in green slime at the inaugural Kids Choice Sports Awards earlier this month and today he revealed what the signature goo tastes like.

If you've ever wondered what Nickelodeon's signature slime tastes like, just ask Earl Thomas.

The Seahawks All-Pro free safety was dunked in the gooey green substance earlier this month at the inaugural Kids Choice Sports Awards in Los Angeles, Calif.

Thomas and Arizona Cardinals wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald competed in the "Verizon Power Dunk" competition that saw the NFC West rivals compete to see who could be the first to knock down three bulls-eye targets that would send the other plummeting into the gunk below.

Fitzgerald came out the winner, but courtesy of Pro Football Hall of Fame defensive end Michael Strahan - the show's host - both players would eventually meet a slime-filled demise.

"That was a great experience," Thomas said Saturday after day two of the team's training camp at Renton's Virginia Mason Athletic Center. "I always wondered what the slime tastes like, and when I went in there it just tasted like water, so I was disappointed."

By it's unappetizing appearance, you'd think Thomas would be thrilled to learn the viscous material tastes like water, but Thomas said he was hoping for "something better" than the taste of H2O to hit his lips.

Thomas said he grew up a fan of the Nick cartoon Hey Arnold! and offered that he would love to slime Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll if given the chance.

"I would definitely like to slime him," Thomas told prior to his matchup with Fitzgerald. "He's untouchable right now. You can't really tell him what you feel sometimes. And he's the head coach - who wouldn't want to slime their boss?"

Quarterback Russell Wilson and Seahawks fans were honored at the first-ever event, with Wilson winning "Best Newcomer" and 12s earning the "Smells Like Team Spirit" award for best fans in sports.