Doug Baldwin talks 'Game of Thrones,' compares teammates to characters in series

Posted Jun 22, 2014

Seahawks wide receiver Doug Baldwin tells us about his latest obsession with the HBO fantasy drama 'Game of Thrones'

Forty episodes in nine days.

That's how quickly wide receiver Doug Baldwin ingested seasons one through four of HBO's Game of Thrones, the hit fantasy drama series based on George R.R. Martin's A Song of Ice and Fire novels.

From June 8 to June 17, Baldwin averaged around 4.5 of the 50-plus minute episodes per day, spending what little free time he had following workouts and meetings at Seahawks headquarters in the Seven Kingdoms of Westeros.

"People kept posting about it online and Sidney [Rice] was talking about how good it was," Baldwin said of how he got turned on to the show. "And when I go home at night - I leave here around 8 or 8:30 p.m. - I've got nothing to do before I go to sleep, so I just like to chill in my bed and watch T.V. I figured I would check out something that everybody said was good."

More than 35 hours of television later, and Baldwin couldn't be more satisfied.

"I thought they set it up perfectly," he said of the season four finale, which originally aired last Sunday. "Now everybody is anxious to get to the next season."

Baldwin's right. Everybody - including me - can't wait to see what happens next to our friends (and enemies) vying for control of the Iron Throne. But sadly, unless you're one to pick up the books and venture ahead, we're forced to sit in the dark until season five airs sometime next year.

To help ease us into this episode-free era - and hopefully provide a bit of entertainment - I asked Baldwin a few fun questions about his new favorite show.

*WARNING* Baldwin's answers below contain spoilers. Read ahead at your own risk.

Which faction or camp would you align with if you found yourself in the Seven Kingdoms?


Baldwin: "I'd be with Daenerys - Khaleesi over there in Meereen. I'd be with her. First of all, she's gorgeous - no doubt about that. But no, she just embraces everything that I feel positively about. She feels like she's out to do justice. Sometimes it doesn't happen the way she plans it out, but her intention and her goal is to do justice, free the slaves, give everybody a choice to be free or whatever they want. At the same time she's very stern, she's very strong - stubborn, some people might say. I think her personality I can relate to the most."

You'll have to defend yourself in the world of Westeros, what would be your weapon of choice?

Baldwin: "I'd have to get a Valyrian steel sword. I'd have to get two of them, though - a long sword and short sword. I'd have to have some light armor, too, like Prince Oberyn - I like to move and be agile."

You've got your Valyrian steel sword, what would you name her?

Baldwin: "I really do like 'The Kingslayer.' I feel like that has negative connotations, but I do like 'The Kingslayer.'"

I'm going to name one of your teammates or coaches, you do your best to relate them to a character in Game of Thrones.

CB Richard Sherman is...

(Helen Sloan/Game of Thrones)

Baldwin: "Jaime Lannister. He's got the bravado, the confidence - the cockiness some would say. But he's very good at what he does. There's no doubting that. He's one of the best in the business with the sword, so he reminds me of Sherm."

QB Russell Wilson is...


Baldwin: "He reminds me of the dwarf, Tyrion Lannister. Well, Tyrion is probably a little taller than him [laughter]. No, it's not Tyrion, I just had to say that for jokes. I would say he reminds me of Ned Stark. Ned was always composed. He was always calm. He never really changed. He got fiery sometimes, but for the most part he was pretty even keeled. Russ reminds me of Ned Stark."

Coach Pete Carroll is...


Baldwin: "Pete would remind me of Tyrion. He's a jokester, likes to have fun, runs around like he's a little kid. But he's also a leader. Later on in the series we saw how he leads by a different example than everybody else. I admire that and feel like Pete does that too."

Wide Receivers Coach Kippy Brown is...

Baldwin: "[Laughter] You know the guy who's part of the Night's Watch who went to go hide in the meat shack during the battle below The Wall? ... I just can't see Kippy running out there on the field to go fight somebody."

The "guy" Doug mentions is Janos Slynt (pictured above). I guess Doug sees his position coach as a lover, not a fighter.

RB Marshawn Lynch is...


Baldwin: "The Hound, without a doubt. The Hound just does not care. Remember that scene at the end of season two at the Battle of Blackwater where he says some words to the King that I can't repeat? That to me is what Beast Mode is. He doesn't care. He's just going to go out and do his thing. He doesn't care what anybody else thinks or says."