Catching up with: Patrick Kerney

Posted Jul 5, 2013

Patrick Kerney played in 37 games during three seasons with the Seahawks before injuries ended his career. But the talented defensive end led the NFC with 14.5 sacks in 2007 after being signed as an unrestricted free agent.

What he did: After collecting 58 sacks in eight seasons with the Atlanta Falcons, the Pro Bowl defensive end was the Seahawks’ big free-agent addition in 2007. And Kerney proceeded to have his best season, leading the NFC with 14.5 sacks while being voted All-Pro and to the Pro Bowl. He obviously was a big reason why the Seahawks won their fourth consecutive NFC West title, as his energy and unbridled enthusiasm were infectious. But Kerney retired after the 2009 season because injuries had limited him to seven starts in 2008 and nine in 2009, when he also led the club with five sacks. His 24.5 sacks in 37 games tie him with Julian Peterson for No. 10 on the club’s all-time list. Kerney also came up with perhaps the best description of what it was like to play against former-foe-turned-teammate Walter Jones, the Seahawks’ Hall-of-Fame-in-waiting left tackle. “It was like wrestling a bear for three hours,” Kerney said in the hallway after his introductory news conference in ’07.  

What he’s doing: Kerney went back to school to get his MBA and is now, well, let him explain. “I’m just trying to meet with some of the brighter minds out there to get the best ideas on getting the right message across to athletes, and NFL players in particular, in terms of reversing some of these financial statistics that have been prevalent for decades, unfortunately,” said Kerney, who was in Los Angeles when he did the interview for this feature. He’s married to the former Lisa Gangle, a sports reporter at KING/5 in Seattle while Kerney was playing for the Seahawks and now CBS 2 News This Morning’s sports anchor in New York City and a regional talk show host on the sister station, WLNY. They have a 21-month-old daughter, Ashley, and Lisa is pregnant with their second daughter. “We’re pretty thrilled,” Kerney said.


If I could have dinner with anyone – living or death – it would be: “Adam. (Adams?) Of Adam and Eve. (Why?) Wouldn’t you like to talk to a guy where it supposedly all started?”

Must-see TV: “CBS 2 morning sports on channel 2.”

The best book I’ve ever read: “This is so nerdy, but it totally lends itself to what I’m doing now – ‘The Making of an American Capitalist.’ It’s Roger Lowenstein’s biography on Warren Buffett. He’s hysterical. In the book he says, ‘When I had $200,000, that was all the money I needed. After that, I was just having fun.”


My best memory as a Seahawk: “It had to be beating the Redskins in the playoffs after the 2007 season (35-14 at home on Jan. 5, 2008). The team was awesome. The crowd was unbelievable. It was perfect weather for football. It couldn’t have gone any better.”

Something most people don’t know about me: “I’ve always been pretty open about my football career. So what have I hidden? For any kids that read this, I transferred high schools to try and become a Division I hockey player. And I went to Virginia to be a Division I lacrosse player. And I ended up a Division I football player. So keep your options open.”

If I could relive one day in my life: “My wedding day. Think about it. The only time you’re going to be surrounded again by that many people who care about you is at your funeral. So why wouldn’t I want to go back to that day?”