Bobby Wagner talks Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, matches teammates to characters in series

Posted Aug 8, 2014

On the heels of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie release, we had the Seahawks' turtle-loving linebacker Bobby Wagner compare his teammates to characters in the series.

Bobby Wagner's passion - no, obsession - with the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles has been well-documented.

The Seahawks linebacker and two-time leading tackler can be found toting his turtle-shelled backpack around the locker room on a daily basis. He likes to pack it with him on road trips, too.

The background of his Twitter account is plastered with an illustration of Raphael, the sarcastic bad-boy of the bunch who Wagner says he can relate to most.

But if you've been in the sewers on Wagner's affection for the human-like crime fighters, it's worth knowing where his devotion to the fictional characters began.

"As young kid I was watching it all the time," Wagner said of the Ninja Turtles cartoon series this week from Renton's Virginia Mason Athletic Center. "My mom would always have it on for me - she knew what time I got up, so she would always turn it on. All I had to do was just wake up and go to the living room.

"I had their birthday cakes, toys, stuff like that," Wagner added. "As I got older, it still was around, so I always paid attention to it. I always watched it [on T.V.]. If there was a new toy, I'd buy the new toy and I started getting backpacks for my birthday."

This past Saturday, Aug. 2, Wagner caught a private early screening of the new live-action Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie with his Seahawks teammates and a select group of 12th Man fans.

But even though Wagner managed a sneak-peak of his childhood-turned-adulthood craze, the turtle-loving linebacker said he still has plans to visit the big screen after the movie hits theaters today, Aug. 8.

"I'm a fan," Wagner said. "I probably will see it more than 10 times within the first week."

Like the Seahawks, the Ninja Turtles boast several unique features and personalities. From their blue-masked sword-swinging leader Leonardo to the easy-going orange-masked jokester Michelangelo, and from the brainy purple-masked Donatello to the rough-edged red-masked Raphael, the Ninja Turtles mimic many traits you might find in an NFL locker room.

With that in mind, we let Wagner have some fun at his teammates' expense. Here's what he had to say when asked which Seahawks other than himself best represent his teenage mutant friends:

Donatello is...

Wagner: "Richard Sherman. Donatello would be Sherm. Smart guy. But not just because he's smart, but because he's always thinking about something. He's always trying to be a step ahead of the game and always trying to think of something that somebody else isn't thinking of. So he's smart in that way, but of course, Donatello can hold his own. He's one of the good turtles."

Leonardo is...

Wagner: "Earl Thomas. Leonardo is kind of a leader. He kind of leads by example like Earl. He's a good guy. A good turtle."

Michelangelo is...

Wagner: "Michael Bennett. Michelangelo is just fun to be around. He's always making jokes. He's always making people around him laugh. That's kind of how Mike B. is. It's fun to be around Mike B."

Raphael is...

Wagner: "Robert Turbin, because he's big. Besides that, he kind of has the same sarcasm like Raphael. He's a dog. I like how Raphael just grinds and is a hard worker. That's kind of how Turb is - he's a hard worker."

Master Splinter is...

Wagner: "It's got to be Coach [Pete] Carroll. Coach Carroll gives all the positivity and then the butt kicking when you're doing something bad. But then again, Splinter could be coach [Ken] Norton [Jr.], too, because coach Norton can definitely do some butt-kicking."