A day for giving thanks, and eating

Posted Nov 28, 2013

Because the Seahawks play on Monday night this week, the players have Thanksgiving Day off. That’s a rarity in the NFL, and it gives the players extra time to give thanks for so many things.

The Seahawks’ players have a lot to be thankful for, including having a Monday night game this week so they can have Thanksgiving Day off.

But there’s also their best-in-the-NFL 10-1 record entering a “Monday Night Football” matchup with the 9-2 New Orleans Saints at CenturyLink Field. Then there’s the fact that they control their own destiny, in terms of not only advancing to the postseason for the third time in four seasons under coach Pete Carroll by also determining where those games will be played.

Before the players headed out for a nontraditional “off” day in the week following their bye week, we asked some what they were most thankful for on this day reserved for giving thanks – and also for a must-have item to complete their Thanksgiving dinner.

Leading receiver Golden Tate

Most thankful for: “Man, the list is endless for things I’m thankful for. Really, just thankful to be waking up every morning and being able to do what I love since I was a young boy. Thankful to have family to be around and make great memories with. Thankful to have great friends that I’m surrounded by. And thankful to be 10-1. There are a bunch of things.”

Must-have item for Thanksgiving: “It’s always been cranberry sauce and dressing. That’s the only time I ever have both of them.”

Strong safety Kam Chancellor

Most thankful for: “I’m thankful for just being able to wake up and see another day. Just for my family. And I’m thankful for getting an opportunity to stay with this team. That’s what I’m thankful for.”

Must-have item for Thanksgiving: “Macaroni and cheese. I’ve got to have it. My mom always made it. Got to have it.”

All-Pro cornerback Richard Sherman

Most thankful for: “I’m most thankful for being drafted in the fifth round, 154th pick. (Laughs). Nah, I’m most thankful for my family. The chance I got. The blessings I was blessed with. The city I was raised in (Compton, Calif.). There are a lot of things that molded me into the man I am today. And I’m thankful for all those things.”

Must-have item for Thanksgiving: “Ham. Ham with pineapple on the ham. Sweet ham.”

All-Pro center Max Unger

Most thankful for: “Family and health, that’s first and foremost. And we’re all pretty fortunate to be able to play a game for a living. So just kind of taking stock in that and realizing where you are in life.”

Must-have item for Thanksgiving: “We’ve never been like a really hardcore traditional family. So I guess me and my wife are going to have to make our own tradition – the standard, turkey; we usually do prime rib, that’s switching it up a little bit; ham. And stuffing. I’m a stuffing guy.”

Defensive tackle Clinton McDonald

Most thankful for: “Family. Family and friends. And that consists of a lot of people. While I’m here in Seattle, my friends are the guys I work with. Everybody I work with I consider a good friends of mine. So that’s my friends. My family isn’t too close. But my little brother, Caleb, came up from Japan. He’s in the Air Force. So he’s up here for the week. I’m thankful for that. Thankful to see him.”

Must-have item for Thanksgiving: “Not really. I haven’t had a regular Thanksgiving since college. So the meal will be there. The people will be there. But the whole theme of being thankful will stay the same.”