710 ESPN Seattle Audio: Pete Carroll comments on Seahawks approach to roster cuts

Posted Aug 25, 2014

Key takeaways from Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll's Monday morning conversation on 710 ESPN Seattle's "Brock and Salk"

Early Monday, head coach Pete Carroll joined the team's flagship radio station 710 ESPN Seattle for his weekly conversation with Brock Huard and Mike Salk. Here are a key few takeaways from the trio's conversation:

Reaction To Roster Cuts

The Seahawks trimmed their 90-man roster down to 82 players earlier today ahead of Tuesday's NFL deadline for teams to reduce their rosters to 75 players. Seven more transactions must be made by 1 p.m. PT tomorrow and all clubs need to reach a 53-man roster by Saturday, Aug. 30.

"Every one of those decisions is battling to figure out what is the right way, how it's going to pan out, what it's going to mean to the roster and the future and the [salary] cap," Carroll said of his team’s looming roster decisions. "There's a lot of factors in there."

Carroll said he and his staff pay close attention to cuts made around the League during this transaction-heavy time, trying to determine the factors behind each move.

"We try to have a keener sense than other guys if we can," said Carroll. "Try to out-compete them in a sense. It just fits into everything that we're doing."

When it comes to telling a player they're no longer with the team, Carroll likes to be directly involved. He recalled the last time he got cut, when word came from the team's defensive coordinator as opposed to the head coach, a situation that doesn't sit particularly well with Carroll to this day.

"I talk to every one of them," Carroll said. "I really feel that it's my job to do that. I think that I owe that to them. If for some guys it's the last time they'll ever play football, I want them to have their last experience with the head coach and it's legit, you know. I would hate to skirt that issue. There's a lot of guys that don't do that, I think.

"The conversation is really to try to get to the truth," Carroll added. "Speak the truth of the guys experience and what he meant to us and where he fits into the future because a lot of these guys have a chance to come back to us. We've spent a lot of time and invested a lot and they've invested tremendously in us, and that makes them valuable to us."

Carroll on Russell Wilson: "He's Going To Keep Getting Better"

Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson completed 15-of-20 passes for 202 yards and two touchdowns on Friday against the Chicago Bears and added another score on a 7-yard run. That performance came a week after Wilson went 11-of-13 for 121 yards and ran for two touchdowns against the San Diego Chargers.

"He's really carrying all his preparation on the practice field right to the game," Carroll said of the Seahawks' third-year quarterback Wilson. "He looks very, very comfortable. What's most exciting is the quickness of his decision making to get the ball out, to get the ball out of his hands and the decisiveness that's coming through. Just the experience, and he's going to keep getting better."

Rewind: Marshawn Lynch's 7-Yard Touchdown Run

Carroll took time to break down Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch's 7-yard touchdown run that capped a seven-play, 61-yard drive on the team's first possession against the Bears this past Friday night at CenturyLink Field.

"That was one of those reads where the opportunity was to go all the way out the back door, even behind where the quarterback read should take place," Carroll said of Lynch's score. "They [the Bears] were fired up and they kind of overplayed, so he took the first cut and then he gets the linebacker coming off and bam - he smacks off that guy. Next is the safety and he smacks off that guy. He was going to score the moment he cut back, it was just a matter of time before he had to finish the play. But they couldn't get to him, so he showed great instinct.

"He does have tremendous experience, but he has incredible savvy," Carroll added of Lynch. "To do what he does you have to be very, very gifted and then also have the physical ability to break the tackle - he broke three tackles for the touchdown, so it was a cool play."

"Big Week" Ahead For Terrelle Pryor

The Seahawks carried two quarterbacks (Wilson, Tarvaris Jackson) on their 53-man roster a season ago. Battling for the backup job this year behind the incumbent starter Wilson are the veteran Jackson, Terrelle Pryor, and B.J. Daniels. Seattle carried two signal callers on their 53-man squad in 2012 as well (Wilson, Matt Flynn), but Carroll has said the club is open to carrying three players at the position, and this week's exhibition finale against the Raiders in Oakland could go a long way in determining the team’s 2014 outlook at quarterback.

"This is a big week for him," Carroll said of the fourth-year pro Pryor. "He's had a couple outings where he didn't get to do much. He had a good outing against Denver where he got to do a lot of stuff, we got to see him. We haven't seen him play enough."

Pryor entered Friday's game against the Bears with less than six minutes to play in the fourth quarter and the Seahawks owning a 34-3 advantage. He attempted just two passes - one that fell incomplete to tight end RaShaun Allen and another that was picked off by Bears cornerback C.J. Wilson. Carroll said Pryor will receive ample playing time this Thursday night against his former team - the Raiders.

"This week he'll get more play time and have a chance," said Carroll. "He's a very talented kid and he's worked really hard to be positioned at this moment. Now he's got to go ahead and come through and do some big things and we'll look forward to him making some plays. We'll give him some chances, for sure.”