12th Fan View - vs St Louis Rams

Posted Jan 3, 2013

Seahawks fan Chuck McGowan brings us a look at his '12th Fan View' video series, as he documents the Seahawks' home games from his seat in the upper level at CenturyLink Field.

The final week of the 2012 NFL season found the Seahawks hosting the St. Louis Rams.  Normally, I would be pretty jacked up for the game, but this week was different for me.  It seemed very bittersweet to me knowing that this was arguably the best Seahawks team ever assembled, and that this would likely be my last time watching them in person this season.  I also think the previous week’s game against the 49ers, securing a playoff spot, and subsequent road trip to Boise and back took an awful lot out of me.

Lethargy aside, I was still excited inside for the prospect of a perfect home season.  As a season ticket holder, it is a very special treat to see nothing but W’s down the home schedule.  The last time the Seahawks did it, they went to the Super Bowl.  Let us hope this becomes routine.  Alright, that may be a bit much to ask for, but a fan can dream, can’t he?

The steady improvement of the team throughout the season culminated in a three-week run that saw the Seahawks outscore their opponents 150-30, but the Rams would hear nothing of that.  Bringing an up-and-coming defensive unit, the Rams were playing for a winning record as well as a chance to go undefeated within the NFC West.  They played a tough game, pushing the Seahawks to the limit, but in the end, the Legion of Boom lowered it, and Richard Sherman iced a come-from-behind victory with a goal-line interception with less than a minute to play.  A fitting conclusion to the season.

The 2012 Seattle Seahawks provided us fans with a season to remember, one for the ages.  With rookies at the the helm of both offense (Russell Wilson, QB) and defense (Bobby Wagner, MLB), and the wealth of other young talent throughout the roster, this team looks primed to make a long run of competitive football into the future.  Let us hope this young group continues to grow together over the next several weeks while providing us fans with even more to cheer about to complete this remarkable season.

I would like to thank you all for checking out my column and videos throughout the season.  I hope I have made you feel like you went to the game instead of watched it on TV.  I hope I made you laugh.  I hope you enjoyed watching them as much as I enjoyed making them.  I would also like to thank everyone at the Seattle Seahawks for allowing me to pursue this idea that hatched in my brain two and a half years ago.  

Primarily, however, I would like to thank the players, coaching staff, and front office for a very memorable home season, and reason to hope for the foreseeable future.  It’s a good time to be a ‘Hawks fan.

Now let’s see this team go beat the Redskins!