12th Fan View - vs. Green Bay Packers

Posted Sep 25, 2012

Seahawks fan Chuck McGowan brings us a look at his '12th Fan View' video series, as he documents the Seahawks' home games from his seat at CenturyLink Field.

Monday Night Football is always a special treat, and the Packers-Seahawks clash on September 24th at CenturyLink Field was no exception.  The Packers entered the game with one of the higher-powered offenses in the league, and an impressive defense.  The Seahawks brought an impressive defense and a still relatively unknown quantity in rookie quarterback Russell Wilson

As a Seahawk fan, it felt good to be on the good end of a questionable call for a change.  We are all too familiar with the many questionable calls that have gone against us through the years.

It was a game of two halves, and one unbelievable play to end it.  The Seahawks’ defense dominated the first half, accumulating eight sacks and holding the powerful Packers offense to less than 100 yards of total offense.  The Packers dominated the second half, holding the Seahawks to zero net yards in the second half until midway through the fourth quarter, while moving the ball effectively themselves.

For “the play,” my view of the referee’s hands go up in the TD signal blocked the referee signaling “time out”, so our end of the stadium only saw the “touchdown” signal.  And went crazy.  The pyrotechnics guy saw it, too, and immediately set off the display atop the north end of the stadium.  I quickly realized the play would be reviewed, and held my breath.  When the replay confirmed the call on the field (!), we all went crazy again.  

After the game, I went on vacation to Texas for my mother’s 80th birthday party.  My brother is a Packer fan, so we had a rather spirited debate about “the play,” with determination of outcome split along party lines, of course.

I watched the Sunday, September 30, games with my brother and his friends, all of whom root for different teams.  The Cowboys fans took it well that we beat them, but my brother was still not too convinced about our victory over his Packers, and kept saying something about having two shares of stock.  I told him, “That’s nice.  I have season tickets.”  

This game should teach those that left early that you never want to leave early.  Never.  You miss the epic endings if you do!  And this game had one of the craziest endings in the history of the franchise.