#12s Show world they are loudest fans in sports

Posted Sep 20, 2013

Last Sunday’s 29-3 victory over the 49ers, was a victory that made social media stand up and take notice.

The players scream on the field. The fans scream in the stands and to their TVs. Both screams unite to tell the world that the Seahawks are the real deal.  

And since last Sunday’s 29-3 victory over the 49ers, the Seahawks are now hearing the screams of the pundits and football fans everywhere. It was a victory that made Skip Bayless apologize to Richard Sherman. A victory that put the Seahawks as the top team in the league. And a victory that made social media stand up and take notice.

In a world where items can go viral with a simple retweet, a pair of football watchers found out just how fast something can spread. Following the successful fan-organized attempt to break the Guinness Book of World Records mark for loudest roar by a crowd, two Bay-area residents penned an earnest letter to the editor.

The letter says that the fans at Century Link create an unfair advantage. Do 12s make things easy? Absolutely not. As my voice is not 100% recovered, we can definitely be loud. And on social media, the letter made people #LOUDER. All we have to do is look at the stats. When @JoeTafoya, who has only 2,545 followers on Twitter, announced the initial record had been broken, it generated 568 retweets and countless mentions. On Sunday alone, the #LOUDER was used 11,369 times and the three posts to the official Seahawks Facebook page during the game generated nearly 80,000 likes and almost 6,000 shares.

Oh, and the Seahawks won the game on Twitter too.

This chart shows the total number of mentions of certain words on Twitter last weekend. As far as I’m concerned, "Seahawks" won Sunday by a score of 310,599 to 234,662.

On to Jacksonville

This #TGIBF, we turn our attention to the visiting Jacksonville Jaguars as Coach Gus Bradley and a few former Seahawks makes their return to Seattle. It’s going to rain, it’s going to be sloppy and the Seahawks are big time favorites.

But if the talk on social is any indication, the Jags aren’t going to take this laying down. A contingent of fans will be at the game, but the #12s are ready.