False Starts


CenturyLink Field has established itself as the loudest stadium in the NFL. Its 2.36 false starts per game is the highest average in the National Football League since 2005. On gameday the 12th MAN produces as much as 112 dB, nearly as much noise as a Boeing 747 when the opposing team is on offense, but quiets down to an amazing 87 decibels when the Seahawks' offense takes the field. In 2005, Seattle led the NFL in opponent false start penalties at CenturyLink Field with 24, including 11 versus the N.Y. Giants.

Opponent False Start Penalties (Since 2005)

1. CenturyLink Field 130
2. Mall of America Field (Vikings) 115
3. Ford Field (Lions) 107
4. University of Phoenix Stadium (Cardinals) 104

Highest Decibel Level At CenturyLink Field (Since 2005)

Noise of a Boeing 747 130 dB
Noise at CenturyLink Field 112 dB
Noise of Washington Ferry Horn 48 dB
Noise of a Twin Prop Plane 47 dB