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About CenturyLink Field


CenturyLink Field is designed with a 67,000 seat capacity, with 5,000 additional seats available for special events, and 1,400 seats for fans with disabilities. With a roof covering 70 percent of the seating area, fans will enjoy wide, comfortable seats with sideline seating a mere 52 feet from the playing field and end-zone seats just 40 feet from the action. The facility also features a dozen elevators and expansive concourses with an ample provision of concessions stands and restrooms.

On June 2nd, 2004, the Seahawks announced a new stadium sponsorship agreement with CenturyLink Communications International Inc., with the stadium to be named "CenturyLink Field." In addition to the naming rights, the agreement includes CenturyLink's increased support for local Seahawks charities. The agreement also calls for CenturyLink to be the telecommunications supplier to CenturyLink Field, the stadium and exhibition center operator, First & Goal, and all other Seahawks facilities.

Set just south of historic Pioneer Square, against the backdrop of snow-capped mountains and glistening Puget Sound,CenturyLink Field is unlike any other stadium in the world. Inside the stadium you will experience perfect views of the field and surrounding area, unmatched comfort, cutting-edge technology and outstanding dining options. In fact,  CenturyLink Field has every amenity to make it the ideal place to enjoy exciting Seahawks football played outdoors.

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