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Save 25¢/gal on your second fill up at Shell


Join the Fuel Rewards® program & save 25¢/gal on your second fill up at Shell.

To qualify for this offer, you must: 1) Text SEAHAWKS to 83835 by December 31, 2017 at 11:59 PM CST and join the Fuel Rewards® program via the link in the response text; 2) Obtain a Fuel Rewards® card or Alt ID for your Fuel Rewards® account; and 3) Make an initial fuel purchase of at least 5 gallons at a participating Shell station using your Fuel Rewards® card or Alt ID by January 31, 2018 at 11:59 PM CST.

The one-time 25¢/gal sign-up offer will be added to your Fuel Rewards® account instantly after your initial fuel purchase and can be combined with other rewards in your Fuel Rewards® account. The Fuel Rewards® savings earned through the sign-up offer expire on the last day of the month immediately following the month in which they are earned. Redeem Fuel Rewards® savings with your Fuel Rewards® card or Alt ID at participating Shell stations.

Fuel Rewards® savings are limited to 20 gallons of fuel per purchase, per vehicle, or fraud limits placed by Shell and/or limits placed on your payment card by your financial institution, each of which may be lower. Fuel Rewards® savings must be redeemed in a single transaction. Once you begin to dispense fuel using your Fuel Rewards® savings, you must dispense to the 20-gallon limit or you forfeit any remaining discounted gallons of fuel. Dispenser may require a price of up to 10.9 cents per gallon. For purchases of $75 or more, please go inside to pay. Unbranded diesel and alternative fuels may not be eligible.

The Fuel Rewards® program is owned and operated by Excentus Corporation. Offer may be modified or discontinued at any time without notice. Not valid where prohibited by law. Please see for complete Fuel Rewards® program details and Terms and Conditions. This offer is valid for new Fuel Rewards® program members only and other restrictions may apply. All trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

How It Works:

  1. Text Seahawks to 83835.
  2. Create a Fuel Rewards account.
  3. Fill up at least 5 gallons at a participating Shell station using your Fuel Rewards ALT ID.
  4. Earn 25¢/gal for your next fill-up. Plus, you'll save 5¢/gal on every fill with Gold Status!