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About Seahawks Play 60 Fitnessgram

The Seahawks, NFL Charities, and The Cooper Institute have partnered together to support youth health and prevent childhood obesity as part of NFL PLAY 60. PLAY 60 is the NFL’s national youth health and fitness campaign, focused on making the next generation of kids the most active and healthy by encouraging them to be active for at least 60 minutes a day.

As a result of the partnership the Seahawks are able to offer a total of 35 FITNESSGRAM assessment kits for distribution to local elementary and middle schools.

About the Fitnessgram Program

FITNESSGRAM® is the premier fitness assessment tool with an educational reporting system. It emphasizes health-related fitness for life by measuring three components 1) aerobic capacity; 2) body composition; and 3) muscular strength, endurance and flexibility. Results, based on age and gender, are available in a report card format that physical education teachers can use to educate families and students and encourage healthy behaviors.

Community Partners

Benefits for participating schools

  • Free access to FITNESSGRAM/ACTIVITYGRAM web-based version 9 for up to three years;
  • Support and training from The Cooper Institute;
  • Access to relevant information surrounding FITNESSGRAM/ACTIVITYGRAM; and
  • Opportunity to objectively measure and evaluate your students’ fitness and activity levels

Expectations of Participating Schools

  • Administrative support for physical education and use of FITNESSGRAM/ACTIVITYGRAM in the schools;
  • Test fitness levels of students two times (pre-post) during the school year;
  • Enter fitness scores of students into the web-based FITNESSGRAM program; and
  • Send home at least one FITNESSGRAM report card (i.e. hard copy and/or email version) to all students tested

Selection Criteria

  • Schools located in Washington State
  • Only for elementary, middle, or K-8 schools
  • Schools that do not currently use FITNESSGRAM
  • Special emphasis given to schools with high need (i.e. budgetary, high population of free and/or reduced lunch)

Application Timeline

Rolling application process, with applicants reviewed and selected up until September 1, 2014. Review committee will be comprised of staff from Seahawks, WAHPERD, and OSPI

More Information

For more information contact Molly Whitaker.