Get the Sea Gals Look

Get the Sea Gals Look

A team of professionals help ensure the Sea Gals look their best on gamedays. You can get the Sea Gals look by visiting one of the squad's official partners including: Gene Juarez Salons & Spas, MAC Cosmetics, Fly Wheel - Seattle,Peavey Hosiery, Gold's Gym Northwest, Virginia Mason Medi Spa , GTM Sportwear and Seattle Sun Tan.


One of our wonderful sponsors is Gene Juarez Salons & Spas. They have several locations throughout the Seattle area, the Bellevue location even has a Men’s Salon for you guys out there! The salon also offers spa treatments including facials, messages, and body scrubs. I had a wonderful experience at the Downtown Seattle location as I went in seeking my new Sea Gal look. I was greeted at the door by their friendly staff who offered me something to drink, the most recent issue of my favorite magazine. I met my color and hair stylist to discuss my new look. They decided that some low lights and a sweeping longer bang would be a good look for my face. Talking with my colorist I realized he had been doing hair with the company for over ten years! They really are experts at what they do. My cut and color ended up looking great and I couldn’t have been happier with the results! Knowing that my hair looks great helps me feel confident and beautiful. Look for me (and my highlights and swooping bang) this season at CenturyLink!

Jessica F.


A Sea Gal's game day, performance makeup can sometime wreak havoc on this gal's breakout prone skin.  My solution?  I trust the experts at Virginia Mason Medi-Spa.  The gorgeous facility welcomes patients for a relaxing experience, and knowledgeable staff put clients' comfort first.  My favorite treatment in the 'Relaxation Facial'!  No matter what type of appointment I have scheduled, I am sure to leave with a cleaner, brighter, more beautiful complexion, and THAT is something any gal can smile about! 



The Sea Gals are so lucky to be sponsored by MAC Cosmetics. Not only do their products make us feel and look glamorous on the field during game day, but off the field as well. MAC trainers provide a seminar to our team to teach us step by step, brush by brush, how to obtain the “Sea Gal Look”, and even go as far as picking out specific colors to use for different occasions. Their trainers are also responsible for our beautiful makeup applications that you will see in our 2014 Sea Gal Calendar. When visiting any one of the MAC stores, I have always had a very pleasant experience: each artist is knowledgeable, friendly, and willing to help find exactly what you are looking for. For our female Hawk Fans, there is nothing more fun and girly than our signature lipstick, “Girl About Town”, for a pop of color! I would highly recommend products from any MAC line, they are fabulous!



I love going to Flywheel sports! Flybarre is a fun, fast, and effective way to work out my body from head to toe. The staff is extremely talented, personable and motivating! They fully invest themselves in helping each individual reach their personal fitness goals. Thank you flywheel sports! From your beautiful facilities to your kick butt work outs you guys are truly at the top of your game!



There's no better feeling than walking into your gym and being greeted with a smiling familiar face and a staff that's eager to help. Prior to the Sea Gals I was a member of Gold's for five years. The gym offers a wide variety of cardio machines, weight training, and group classes. When training for the Sea Gals I took Friday or Saturday morning BodyJam classes. Another favorite of mine is BodyCombat, which is a combination of Karate, Kick Boxing, and Martial Arts. To take your exercise routine to the next level, Gold's offers expert physical trainers to help accomplish all of your fitness goals.  On days that I want to change it up and have more of a relaxing work out, I'll usually attend a Gold's Hot Yoga class or swim a few laps in their beautiful salt water pool.  After having a strenuous work out I always look forward to unwinding in Gold's sauna and steam room. I feel so fortunate that Gold's Gym is not only a Sea Gal sponsor but also the gym I call home. 



I have had such a wonderful experience with Seattle Sun Tan. I've been able to visit the downtown Bellevue salon frequently and the staff is always so welcoming. I love the fact that I'm always able to get in when I need to because I'm always on the run. I personally love the VersaSpa spray tan!  I've also tried the Formostar Body Wrap and immediately felt a difference in my body. It also worked wonders on my sore muscles! I was nervous at first to try it because 55 minutes sounds like a lot of time to be in a body wrap, but they put on a movie and make you feel really comfortable. I'm so pleased with Seattle Sun Tan! Thank you for being a wonderful sponsor!