Sea Gals at the Pro Bowl

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Jan. 28th 10:40 AM PST - Heading to Ohana Day at Aloha sadium to dance and greet fans!

Jan. 28th 9:23 AM PST - Good morning from Hawaii! The Sunset on the Beach promo last night was amazing. There were so many Seahawks fans, without a doubt the most of any team. I even ran out of photo cards to sign. Way to represent 12th MAN!!!

Jan. 27th 9:22 PM PST -On our way to Sunset on the Beach Pro Bowl style. We'll be dancing a few sideline dances and greeting all the fans. Hope to see the 12th MAN out there.

Jan. 27th 6:16 PM PST - Just got done teaching 17 talented Japanese cheerleaders two of our Pro Bowl sideline routines. They did such a great job! Way to go ladies!

Jan. 26th 3:23 PM PST - Just finished up a practice at the stadium with the rest of the NFC girls! Next we have an autograph session.

Jan. 26th 9:15 AM PST - Early morning and ready for a packed day! I'm wearing my favorite top that Laurel, our Sea Gal costume designer, made for me.

Jan. 25th 11:03 PM PST - I was lucky enough to meet one of the most inspiring women in the world, professional surfer Bethany Hamilton. What an incredible moment, I'm a huge fan of hers and I got to meet her!

Jan. 25th 7:10 PM PST - Another magical day of inspirational speeches, two rehearsals and our Pro Bowl ring fitting! We are now ready for some more aloha spirit, as we are on our way to the NFL Luau.

Jan. 25th 11:55 AM PST - Just finished breakfast and a team meeting, now we are heading to our first rehearsal of the day.

Jan. 24th 11:28 PM PST - Aloha Seahawks Fans! What and amazing first day in hawaii! We had an extremely busy, but exciting day consisting of three separate rehearsals, orientation, photo card shoot and an autograph session.

Jan. 23rd 5:25 PM PST - Off to Hawaii for the Pro Bowl! Hope to see the 12th MAN out there.

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