2011 Sea Gals

Front Row (Left to Right):  Stephanie S., Krystal (R), Tamaria (R), Nicole, Geraldine, Mackinzie (R), Rachel, Laura
2nd row (Left to Right): Tiffinee, Courtney, Brittany E (R), Lindsay, Kelsey, Olivia, Amber, Mhkeeba, Brandy
3rd row (Left to Right):  Mischell, Stephanie RH, Brittany T. (R), Kelly, Tifny, Pia, Carly, Kiara, Tessa (R), Heidi, Shelly, Cassie, Alexa, Karissa (R), Andrea
(R) denotes rookie Sea Gals
    • Alexa

      Occupation: Student

    • Amber

      Occupation: Starbucks Barista

    • Andrea

      Occupation: Apple Computer Buyer for Higher Education

    • Brandy

      Occupation: Account Executive (Procter & Gamble)

    • Courtney

      Occupation: Dance Instructor and Choreographer

    • Geraldine

      Occupation: Student & Network Marketer

    • Heidi

      Occupation: Advertising and Dance Teacher

    • Karissa

      Occupation: Front Desk Receptionist

    • Kelly

      Occupation: Owner of Pacific West Performing Arts

    • Kelsey

      Occupation: Personal Trainer at X Gym of Kirkland

    • Kiara

      Occupation: Executive Assistant

    • Krystal

      Occupation: Program Coordinator

    • Mischell

      Occupation: Property Management

    • Nicole

      Occupation: Marketing Representative

    • Olivia

      Occupation: Student

    • Pia

      Occupation: Wealth Management Associate

    • Rachel

      Occupation: Marketing Coordinator

    • Shelly

      Occupation: Sales Consultant for Aramark

    • Stephanie

      Occupation: Event Coordinator at the Lacey Chamber of Commerce

    • Stephanie S.

      Occupation: Server, Zumba/Pilates Instructor

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