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Backstage: Workshop Weekend

Posted Jun 4, 2012

Every year the Sea Gals start off the practice season with an intense weekend workshop.

Every year the Sea Gals start off their practice season with an intense weekend workshop. It is a great team bonding time filled with lots of choreography and the dreaded test!

The entire workshop weekend is spent at the Virginia Mason Athletic Center, using the dance studio, the IPF (indoor practice field) and even outside on the grassy hill overlooking beautiful Lake Washington.

We began the workshop last Saturday morning at 9:00AM with a group “get to know each other” activity so the veterans could learn a bit about the rookies and the rookies could learn about the rest of the squad. After that we went straight into dancing as choreographer Shannon Kingsley taught the girls a new feature.

In the afternoon the girls split into groups for some creative choreography, which is always a fun project.

After a good nights rest we were back at it on Sunday and had a guest choreographer to begin the day. The director of the Portland Trail Blazer Dancers came up from Oregon and she taught the squad a great feature piece. In the afternoon it was time for testing. We take this time to test the girls on their knowledge of football, the Seahawks and Sea Gal rules, all of which are important parts of being a Sea Gal.

It was a great weekend! I am sure all the Sea Gals are tired, challenged and INSPIRED!

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