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The making of the 2013 calendar

Posted Jul 17, 2012

Sea Gal Tifny takes you behind the scenes of the making of the 2013 Sea Gals Calendar.

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to take a dip in Lake Washington in the middle of May; before the sun shows its face and warms the water for summer swims? Well let me tell ya, it is mighty cold! What kind of shenanigans would prompt someone to take a dip in not only Lake Washington but perhaps the Pacific Ocean too? The making of the 2013 Sea Gal Calendar of course!

As a Sea Gal, this particular shoot is one of the most exciting ones we do all year! Each gal reports for her scheduled time with clean hair and face, and then the glam squad from MAC Makeup and The Gene Juarez Advanced Training Academy help get us all dolled up in true Sea Gal fashion. Calendars past have primarily featured various pictures of gals posed around the stadium wearing some variation of our Sea Gal game day costumes.

Occasionally, a Seahawk themed bathing suit or two is featured for variety. The 2013 calendar embraces a whole new look featuring Tyler Rose Swimwear (designed by Nichole Carroll who happens to be Coach Pete Carroll¹s lovely niece); and a whole new side of our beautiful Emerald City, shooting on locations like Alki Beach and the Mercer Island Beach Club!

After posing for the previous two calendars in the stadium, I was asked to report to the Mercer Island Beach Club for my shoot this year. I'm sure you can imagine this Sea Gal¹s surprise when her trusted coach dumped bottles of refrigerated water over her right before the shutter snapped! Perhaps it made it that much easier to plunge into the frigid water of Lake Washington to get that 'wet look' just right. I did spend the rest of the afternoon trying to warm back up, but of course it was all in the name of snapping a great photo for our incredible fans, and totally worth it! And even though the water was cold-cold-cold, the 2013 Sea Gals calendar promises to be hot-hot-HOT! Make sure to be on the lookout for the big unveiling sometime in early August and get your copy!

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