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Sea Gals in Hong Kong - Travel Across the Pacific

Posted Feb 8, 2013

The Sea Gals have traveled to Hong Kong to take part in the city's Chinese New Year festivities and Sea Gal Amber checks in after a long travel day.

The moment Sherri told us at practice to make sure we had a passport was an exciting day. I never thought I would fly over to Hong Kong but when it was announced I knew it was going to be great!

Prior to departing for Sea-Tac airport a couple gals and I stayed up throughout the night to make sure we could acclimate our bodies to the Hong Kong timezone. It is a 16 hour time difference so our early morning depature was really evening in Hong Kong. We had an early start, first to Los Angeles and then it was off ot Hong Kong! What an experience already, flying almost 20 hours just to get to Hong Kong.

The flight was an adventure on its own! I was lucky to fly next to Brandy and Bianca on the way to Los Angeles. We decided to be brave and stay up for that flight so we could sleep throughout our next flight. I'm not much of a flyer but heading down to Los Angeles was pretty smooth. On our second flight, I sat next to Krystal and Heidi. The plane was huge and I swear it went on forever. During the flight we stayed occupied by movies, talking and some sleeping. It was so unreal knowing where we were heading.

When we landed in Hong Kong it was about 7pm local time. There were clouds and a slight rain but the feeling was amazing! It took us landing to realize we actually had arrived. Once we had our baggage it was time for a quick change and practice. Wing, our tour guide, met us at the airport and as we drove to downtown Hong Kong she pointed out buildings and showed us a glimpse of the city. All I can say is I thought Seattle was huge, this city has skyscraper after skyscraper! To me it was almost like Christmas seeing all the neon signs and lights all over the buildings, pluse everyone was so happy.

Once we got to the Hong Kong Cultural Centre we were able to practice our staging performances. The set up was great, almost as if we were in a lit up festive video game. Practice ran fairly smoothly and afterwards we were finally able to head to our hotel. The hotel is so festive and decorated for the New Years. The Chinese New Year is a very big celebration here and I can't wait to be a part of it, what an experience I've had already.

This is for sure an adventure of a lifetime and I couldn't be more hapy to spend it with my gals. Getting to experience such an amazing city while representing the Seattle Seahawks and the entire United States is just amazing.

-Sea Gal Amber

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