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Sea Gals in Hong Kong - Touring the City

Posted Feb 9, 2013

On the Sea Gals first full day in Hong Kong they truly got the Hong Kong experience and Sea Gal Carli recaps the day of adventure.

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"Kung Hei Fat Choy!" or Happy Chinese New Years Hawks Nation!

It is the day before the biggest holiday of the year in China and everyone is making final preparations for tomorrow's excitement. This morning everyone woke up on their own for a leisure breakfast at the hotel. At home we think of breakfast as pancakes, eggs and a hot cup of coffee. Here they have options like noodles, fish cakes, and miso soup. While we all enjoy experiencing the culture and trying new things, I think most of us stuck to the basics.

After breakfast we had a bit of free time before meeting up as a group for our bus tour. Sea Gal Kelly and I decided to explore and see what we could find around town. We were very excited to stumble upon a beautiful park area that had a pond full of Koi fish, lots of plantlife, traditional Chinese architecture, and some very kind older gentlement playing checkers. As we continued our walk, we also found some great clothing shops and street markets. There were a lot of locals out shopping because most businesses will be closed tomorrow for the new year celebrations.

Shortly after Kelly and I got back to the hotel, it was time to meet up with the group for our bus tour on Hong Kong Island. For our first stop we took a quick boat tour and docked at Jumbo Floating Restaurant for some delicious dim sum. Our tour guide Wing, or Chicken Wing as she sometimes likes to be called, told us that it is the largest floating restaurant in the world, seating over 2,000 guests. When we arrived we were greeted by Jumbo's executive chef.

Following our afternoon eats we stopped by Stanley Market, which reminded us of Pike Place but much bigger! After a little bit of shopping we loaded back on the bus and went up a very, very windy road to get to Victoria Peak. It was quite a view of Hong Kong and really put into perspective how massive this place is. We definitely took advantage of the great photo opportunity and posted for a few scenic pictures. Then back on the bus we went and on to the hotel for some rest and relaxation before our dress rehearsal.

At almost ten this evening, we all headed to the Hong Kong Cultural Center to have our final run through before the real thing. With our makeup, hair and signature glamour uniform on we waited our turn to perform while admiring the very colorful, fun and comical routines before us. When it was our turn to go, we all took the stage and danced our hearts out with the music blaring, flashing lights and fog to complete the effects. This is going to be one performance to remember! We are so lucky to have this opportunity to help ring in 2013, the year of the snake.

Tomorrow is the big day! It's time for some much needed sleep before we get to perform infront of 30 countries on TV and a large crowd of locals and visitors live. I should probably pinch myself and make sure this isn't a dream. Here we go!

-Sea Gal Carli

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