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Sea Gals in Hong Kong - The Final Chapter

Posted Feb 12, 2013

On the final day in Hong Kong the Sea Gals performed for the last time, not only in Hong Kong but as the 2012 squad.

In Hong Kong, there is an adventure around every corner. Our last full day was our chance to explore what was meaningful to each of us.

We started with free time in the morning. Sea Gal Tifny and Kristal-Lynn visited the Yuen Yuen temple in a nearby neighborhood. This cultural experience was a first for both and something they will never forget.

Heidi and Lindsay enjoyed the morning shopping at the mall in our hotel, Carli and I enjoyed a nice breakfast and Tessa took a moment to call friends and family in Seattle.

At 12:45 pm the Sea Gals (and Blitz) met in the lobby to go to our last performance as the 2012 team. Dancing at the festival in Wishing Tree is something I will never forget. Set on a red stage with a beautiful Chinese New Year backdrop, we danced and entertained thousands of excited locals.

This performance was bittersweet as we knew we would never perform all together again. As we ended on stage, performing one of our our favorite routines, we could all feel the emotion and the energy. And as we took our final bow and headed backstage we knew how lucky we were to have this moment. Performing with this team, in Hong Kong, is something each of us will remember and cherish forever.

Following the performance it was back to the big city we all went our separate ways to explore one last time. Many girls went back to the Ladies Market in Mong Kok to shop. Another group headed to the Hong Kong's biggest theme park, Ocean Park, where they saw pandas!

Being from Southern California (and a former Disneyland Resort parade performer), Hong Kong Disneyland was number one on my list. A group of us headed to the park and were in awe of seeing Disneyland and Mickey Mouse in Chinese, New Year attire. The best part was seeing all the differences between my hometown park and this new foreign Disneyland.

This free time was the perfect way to end our trip and gave us the chance make unique memories each of us will enjoy. Our 2012 season has come to an end but these movies we will have forever.

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