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Sea Gals in Hong Kong - Fireworks & Markets

Posted Feb 12, 2013

On day 4 in Hong Kong the Gals watched the Chinese New Year fireworks display and stopped by the largest market in Hong Kong.

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It's day four and the Sea Gals have officially taken over Hong Kong! Dressed in our Seahawks blue and green we have been spreading the spirit of the 12s and adding that extra little spark to the Chinese New Years.

Still exhilarated from the parade, we were ready to continue the celebration with a performance at the Chinese New Years Well-Wishing Festival. This festival is held in a small village named Lam Cheun or Wishing Tree. It received its name from a magical tree that brings good luck and health to all that visit it

To help celebrate a positive start to the New Year the village throws this massive festival and the sleepy town transforms into a colorful, exciting celebration filled with little shops and tastey snacks.

The main event of course was a show filled with all the acts that had performed the night before in the parade. Up first, representing America and the 12s, the Sea Gals made sure to open the show right. Our 20 minute performance showcased 11 high energy routines including crowd favorite "Hey Baby," and a singing solo from the beautiful Sea Gal Shelly.

Satisfied with our perfomrance we decided to treat ourselves to a little shopping at the Hong Kong "Ladies Market." This shoppers paradise was filled with souvenirs, clothes, purses, toys and art work, all for a bargain! With 30 cheerleaders loose in this shopping center I think it's safe to say we had a blast. Despite the name "Ladies Market" we still let Blitz tag along. During our time there we quickly learned the art of bargaining and by the end of the day we loved the thrill of buying an item for less.

After being puled away from the purses we traveled to the Central District on Hong Kong Island to watch the New Year Fireworks. The twenty minute display was unlike anything I have ever seen before, as it took place over the harbor with the beautiful city skyline as a backdrop.

As our fourth day came to end I couldn't help but become overwhelmed with gratitude as I reflected on my time here. What an amazing experience to have while representing a team you love and with 30 of your best friends. This truly is a once in a lifetime trip and it's one that I will always cherish.

To all of our 12's back home, cheers to a new year!

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