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Pursuing Two Dreams

Posted Dec 4, 2012

Since joining the Sea Gals in 2010 Sea Gal Kelly has juggled two of her dreams in life, being a part of the Sea Gals and owning her own dance studio, PacWest.

Sea Gals are asked all sorts of questions when people meet us for the first time.

“Are your names real?”

Yes, our names are real. If I was picking a stage name I’d get a little more whimsical than Kelly!

“Do you travel with the team?”

We do not cheer at away games unless we’re in the Superbowl. (Our fingers are firmly crossed about a trip to New Orleans in February.)

“Do you have real jobs?”

You bet we do! Some of us are students pursuing Masters Degrees. Some of us wake up at 5:00am to work a full-time job and attend continuing education classes at night. Some of us are holding down three or four jobs in addition to our Sea Gal duties. And some of us own businesses. I’m in that group. I’m the owner of Pacific West Performing Arts, aka ‘PacWest’.

I opened my dance studio in 2004 having little idea of just how much work owning a business required. I quickly learned that I’d be doing a majority of the teaching, bookkeeping, purchasing, advertising, and worrying. I worked hard and learned a lot over the years, the biggest lesson being to delegate and trust others. Since then I’ve moved to a new location, started a second location, hired an amazing crew of administrative assistants, and expanded my teaching staff to 15.

In 2010 I made the decision to try out for the Sea Gals. I’ve been a Seahawks fan since Jim Zorn days. I felt the business was in a good place. I’d be up against girls over 10 years my junior, but with hard work I thought I had a shot. This was the time to do it. Again, hard work paid off because I made the 2010 squad as well as the 2011 and the 2012 squads – and served as a squad leader the last two years. I have loved every minute of it.

The other question I get once people learn about PacWest is “How do you juggle being a Sea Gal with owning a business?” The fact is, I have the most supportive students and staff imaginable. There are certainly times when I feel I should be at the studio but have a Monday Night Football game, or the annual Sea Gal auction, or just need to recover from a game! My students and staff know how much I love being a part of the Seahawks organization, and know that my time as a Sea Gal is limited. I’ve only been able to pursue this dream because of their help and support. I’m hoping they’ll be alright with my being in New Orleans come February…!

Go PacWest and Go HAWKS!!

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