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Posted Jun 17, 2013

Sea Gal Laura is back for another year on the squad and introduces you to the 34 girls that will make up the 2013 team.

Hawk fans! I have missed you and I’m so happy to be back! After last year's amazing season and with the 2013-14 football season drawing near, the excitement surrounding our Seattle Seahawks grows! I am now a four-year veteran of the Sea Gals and I could not feel more thrilled and lucky to be one of ladies chosen to dance for the best fans in the NFL for this epic season. As I learn more and more about the make-up of our unique squad, I cannot wait for all of the Hawk Fans out there to get to know us!

Before you see us dancing our hearts out on game day, or interacting with the community, you might want some background information. Like, who's new? Who has been on the team the longest? Do the Sea Gals have other jobs? Where have I seen her before? And how old are the ladies? Along with some other fun tidbits that I think you'll enjoy!

Here are the fun facts on your Seattle Sea Gals!

Veterans vs. Rookies

We're still made up of some of your favorite Sea Gal veterans from over the last decade, along with thirteen new rookies!

Rookies: Please welcome Alicia, Angela, Ashley, Christian, Cori, Danae, Hannah, Jessica F, Lindsey, Michelle, Myriah, Sonrose and Zoe!
Second-year: Brita, Brittany, Jacqueline, Melissa, Mhkeeba
Third-year: Cassie, Geraldine, Jessica I, Kelsey, Krystal-Lynn, Krystal, Melanie, Tamaria
Fourth-year: Carli, Laura, Kelly, Natalie, Stephanie, Pia
Sixth-year: Courtney

Congratulations to Shelly on her tenth season as a Sea Gal! I have admired Shelly since my rookie year for balancing a busy Sea Gal schedule with a career as a sales consultant. Aside from being an incredible dancer for the past 10 years, Shelly has been dubbed the songbird of the Sea Gals. She has a beautiful voice! I am not ashamed to admit that I cry every time she sings God Bless America. Hawk fans might remember last season’s Salute To Service game day when Shelly sang for all 67,000 fans at CenturyLink Field in honor of our armed forces!

This season when Shelly sings for our military men and women, we will have a very special reason to be thankful and proud. Sea Gal Alicia is a First Lieutenant in the Air Force. We all owe a debt of gratitude to every person who has served our country. I am so excited to dance alongside one of them, plus she pulls off camo like none other!

Day Jobs and More

Accompanying Shelly the sales consultant and Alicia the First Lieutenant you will be entertained by women who hold a wide variety of occupations. Dance instructors, attorneys, estheticians, nannys, business owners, dance studio owners, business consultants, physical education teachers, wealth management consultants, receptionists, army wife, stylists, personal shoppers, personal trainers, office managers, program coordinators, pubic relations and marketing specialists, merchandisers, servers, assistant buyers, Advocare reps, and account managers. And last but definitely not least, there are three mommies on our team this season!

Beauty and Brains

Some gals are in school while dancing on Sundays! Here is a compilation of the campuses we have roamed or currently attend:

Washington State University (GO COUGS!), Georgetown University, Seattle University, Oregon State University, Southern Oregon University, Portland State University, Agnes Scott College, Bellevue College, Boise State University, University of California Santa Barbara, The Euro Institute of Holistic Skincare, Gene Juarez Academy, University of Washington, University of Oregon and University of Montana.

Look familiar?

You may recognize us from our previous dance experience. This year's Sea Gal squad is made up of women who have danced at the collegiate level and professional level all over the world!

Melissa: Portland Trail Blazers
Krystal-Lynn: Atlanta Falcons, Denver Broncos, Agnes Scott Scotties
Melanie: San Diego Chargers
Laura & Lindsey: Washington State University
Brita: University of Washington
Kelsey & Pia: Seattle University
Tamaria: Southern Oregon University, Oregon State University and Portland WinterHawks
Cassie: Boise State University
Ashley & Zoe: Portland State University
Danae: University of Montana
Michelle: University of Oregon

Sea Gal Krystal was a Disney performer/dancer at Disneyland Resort in California and at Tokyo Disneyland. As Krystal enters her third season as a Sea Gal she welcomes her sister Jessica F. to the squad! Jessica F. comes to dance with us from the east coast where she performed as a New York Jets cheerleader last season. This is sure to be a memorable time for the sisters, who finally get to dance side by side! Sibling bonding at it's finest!

The time of our lives!

The big question that fans want to know, but rarely ask, is: How old are the Sea Gals? Please, no guessing!

We are all at different points in life! This season Sea Gal Jacqueline passes the torch to Christian who is now the youngest! Christian will be graduating from high school in June. We range in age from 18-36 this season.

Most importantly, when we step out onto the field in just a few months I hope the fans know they are not only watching me and 33 other talented women, but also best friends! From various ages and backgrounds everyone is so sweet, inspiring and beautiful.

Last season we dawned our new, gorgeous glamor uniform (I can't wait for the rookies to feel what it's like to wear it), we posed for the first-ever all-bikini Sea Gal calendar, we danced as the Hawks won over and over on our home turf at CenturyLink Field, we cheered as we watched Seattle dominate throughout the playoffs, and we traveled to Hong Kong to be a part of the Chinese New Year parade with acts from around the world.

With such an awesome group of Sea Gals, I cannot wait to find out what adventures this season has for us! Go Hawks!

See you Sunday!



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