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Courtney at the Pro Bowl - Next Stop NYC

Posted Jan 27, 2014

Follow along with Sea Gal Courtney's blog as she travels to Hawaii for the 2014 Pro Bowl.

Next Stop NYC


In Hawaiian, aloha means both hello and goodbye. Today my journey ends as the 2014 Pro Bowl Cheerleader and I wanted to thank all you 12s who have followed me through this experience. I am so proud to be a Sea Gal and grateful for this amazing opportunity that was given to me. I am sad to leave this beautiful island, but I must say, preparing for Tuesday night's Sea Gal practice is exciting knowing we are leaving for the Super Bowl on Thursday!!!

What a truly magical start to 2014! Hawk Nation...are you ready to get LOUDER than ever before!? GO HAWKS!


Happy Game Day, 12s!

Today still feels like a dream come true. I knew being the Pro Bowl Cheerleader was an incredible honor before I left Seattle, but after dancing in the game alongside all my beautiful new friends I felt more humbled and touched than ever.

Waking up in the morning to the beautiful view of Waikiki Beach and the amazing bouquet of blue and green flowers my Director Sherri sent me left me feeling inspired and fired up to dance like I have never danced before. We arrived at the stadium early to rehearse our halftime when what do you know: massive tropical rain down pour. While most of the "dome girls" as we call them (girls that cheer for teams that play in domes instead of outside) had slight panic attacks with potential hair and make up issues, I felt right in my element thanks to my experience with our misty Northwest weather! We did a few pre game appearances before it was ready to enter the field.

As I stepped out onto that field and saw a packed house I immediately got the chills. The announcer introduced each girl, and as I stepped out to be honored, I heard "Representing the NFC Champions and Super Bowl bound Seattle Seahawks, Sea Gal Courtney!" The crowd roared louder than any other team announced and I felt completely humbled and touched. (What an intro!) Since Bronco Cheerleader Heather and I were the team captains we got to lead the players come out for their announcements. We then made our formation for the National Anthem as the rain continued to pour down and I couldn't help but think that this was Seattle's way of still representing our city since the players couldn't be there!

12s, the game was SO much fun to dance at! Not only did we rotate around the stadium multiple times but we also go to dance up on platforms that were set up in the second tier looking down onto the field! The halftime show was one of my favorite moments of the whole game. Dancing next to girls like Jackie from Dallas Cowboys and Tori of the Raiderettes gave you so much energy knowing that we were all representing our teams back home. I danced so hard the whole game in honor of my team mates who were back at home watching and couldn't be there.

I'm sad Team Sanders lost in the last few minutes of the game, but I still had the time of my life! I realized the Pro Bowl experience is not about winning or loosing the game, but about celebrating your organization, program, and fans. By giving the experience your all you can showcase to people watching what it's like to be a Sea Gal and a Seahawk fan.

We finished this amazing day with a wonderful dinner at Wolfgangs of Waikiki and our beautiful Pro Bowl Rings. What an honor! Putting my ring on for the first time made me slightly emotional: just being a Sea Gal has always been enough. Truly. I never thought I would be chosen to receive such an honor from this program. Over the years I have watched some of my best friends travel to the Pro Bowl and represent our team. These girls were people that I had always looked up to and that moment when the ring was actually on my finger made it beyond real. I cannot thank our Director Sherri enough for believing in me and supporting me through this journey. Also, my amazing team mates who have been so supportive and excited for me all week--thank you for being incredible and inspiring women. I danced my heart out for you all!


Ohana Day

Greetings from Waikiki, 12s!

What a truly incredible week this has been--it has flown by so quickly! My Sea Gal PBC's from years past told me to live in the moment, soak in every minute and I have been doing just that. Not only are the women I have been sharing this week with beautiful and talented, but they are so sweet and I have enjoyed getting to make new friends from all over the country. One in particular I will be seeing this upcoming week at the Super Bowl: Bronco's Cheerleader Heather! We bonded immediately and I'm so excited to hopefully spend more time with her in New York!

Today was jammed packed from start to finish full of rehearsals, promotional events, and performances. We started our day bright and early at 6:30am with a delicious Hawaiian buffet breakfast and then we were on our way to Ohana Day at Aloha Stadium. In Hawaiian, "Ohana" means family, so in the spirit of aloha the Pro Bowl does just that. They open up their team scrimmage to the public and we got to perform all morning our on the field. My heart was so touched at how many Seahawk Fans there were there--also, how many had learned my name! (Thank you, 12s!) After dancing for a few hours for the fans the stadium cleared out and we went forward with our half time performance with the band Fall Out Boy. As a Sea Gal, one of my favorite dances we do is to "Light 'Em Up" and knowing that we were going to get to dance with them live was beyond exciting. Not only did we dance on the field but we also danced up on stage with the band!

After a very successful rehearsal we were rushed back to the hotel and changed into our game day uniforms to dance all over the streets of Waikiki at their annual Block Party. What a rush! The streets were packed with football fans left and right and dancing in the warm breeze overlooking the ocean was definitely a memory I will never forget. My team was selected to perform two dances at the annual VIP party at the Royal Hawaiian Hotel which was very special opportunity. After we danced we were leid with a beautiful plumeria lei and took pictures with fans on the beach.

I cannot believe tomorrow is already game day, Hawk Fans! I can't wait to dance my heart out for my team, the organization, and all of the 12s! Go HAWKS!

Staying Busy

Hello 12s!

Today and yesterday have been a whirlwind of experiences and excitement. Not only are we dancing hard at our rehearsals, but we are out serving the community on a daily basis through appearances and promotional opportunities.

Yesterday was jam packed full of rehearsals that started at 9:00am sharp and went on until 9:30pm. We are going to be a part of the halftime show featuring Fall Out Boy and learned two high energy dances to their songs. I was also surprised and honored when my squad choose me to be their line leader for the Pro Bowl! Team Captain and Line Leader, I feel so blessed! Finally, we had one more special surprise in store for us, yesterday: we got sized for our traditional Pro Bowl ring! It's beautiful!

Today started at 7:00am, we had a lovely breakfast and then it was straight off to Aloha Stadium for or first rehearsal on the field--it was so exciting to step onto a field that now only sports heroes have played on, but the past Sea Gal Pro Bowl cheerleaders have danced on! 12s, it was SO hot out there! It actually made me more grateful for our cold games we have in Washington!

After practice, a few of us were selected to attend a YET luncheon auction to help raise money for local Hawaiian schools to purchase computers and be able to use better technical equipment throughout the district. The setting was beautiful: an exotic park right on the beach!

We had the rest of the day off which meant one thing: beach time! Thanks for following me on this journey, 12s!


12s Everywhere

Greetings from Oahu!

Hawk Fans, what a memorable day today was! Waking up bright and early at 4:45 am I put on our glamor uniform and was swept away to the local Hawaiian news station to be interviewed and perform with the girls from the Cowboys, Broncos, 49ers, and Cardinals.

After our performance (which was so fun!) we were taken back to the hotel to join the other ladies for breakfast. It has been so fun talking with these girls from all over the country and hearing their stories and learning about their programs!

After breakfast the five of us who did the early morning news had a few hours off so we decided to explore the hotel and surroundings. 12s, do you have any idea how many of you there are?! I ran into so many Hawk fans while I was out it made me feel right at home.

We then all were taken to the live NFL Pro Bowl Draft where we danced, rallied the players, and took pictures with fans from all over the country. One lady I met had flown in from Austria just to see the Pro Bowl! Dancing in my line with my girls felt so good and I had a blast showing everyone who was there our Sea Gal style, adding a little sass to each step!

After the draft was over we were treated to a delicious dinner at the famous Roy's restaurant. I sat by Brittiney of the Falcons and Tori of the Raiders and had a blast getting to know them better.

Some girls ended their night there, but not Chelsey of the Cardinals and I! We rehearsed on our own for about an hour to make sure we were prepared for our rehearsal in the morning. Thanks for keeping up with me 12s, I am having the time of my life! Aloha!

Draft Day


Every minute of today was such an incrediable experience. Not only because of all the fun things I got to do representing all of you 12s, but did you know how many Seahawks fans there are on O'ahu?! I love it!

I started my second day here with a wonderful Hawaiian breakfast and a group introduction. I told everyone not only how amazing my squad and director are, but about my incredible city and it's fans. We then went to Lanikuhonua Beach to shoot bumpers for the live NFL Pro Bowl Draft they will be filming tomorrow. I had so much fun playing football, volleyball, and running up and down the beach with all the girls!

Then, it was straight back to the hotel to get ready for OUR draft. Yes, we got drafted into two teams--a first for the Pro Bowl. I was excited hear that myself and Heather from the Broncos would be the two team captains. On Pro Bowl Sunday I will be representing the "yellow" team for Team Sanders!

After our teams were announced we shot the iconic team photo--wow, what an amazing moment. I have seen so many posters over the years from different Sea Gal Representatives, and posing I between Stephanie from the Patriots and Heidi from the Saints was a dream come true!

We finished the night by receiving our Lines or Squads. I am thrilled to dance next to the representative from the: Jaguars, 49ers, Patriots, Saints, and Buccaneers. We danced really hard for about 3 1/2 hours before we were giving our first gifts of Pro Bowl!

As I walked to my room tonight with a fresh plumeria lei and my arms full of goodies I felt truly blessed. I love the Seahawks, and cannot wait to perform tomorrow at the Pro Bowl draft. Make sure you tune in!

A Hawaiian Reception

After landing here on O'ahu , we were greeted with the most beautiful and fragrant plumeria lei and swept away to our beautiful hotel right on Waikiki Beach. A special surprise: they upgraded our rooms to face Diamond Head and an amazing view of the beach! I am rooming with my Natalie, the Dolphins Cheerleader, whom I actually met two months ago at our holiday show at JBLM. She is awesome, and I can't wait to get to know her more!

Immediately following check in we were sent down to the ballroom for our first official practice--it was great! I love dancing next to these girls and seeing all the different styles from all over the NFL. We also learned part of our halftime routine that we will be performing which was really fun.

After a very long 24 hours I am beyond tired, but cannot help but feel So honored to be apart of this experience. These next two weeks of my life are going to be beyond exciting and I am so happy to be representing all you 12s! GO HAWKS!

Headed to Hawaii

Good Morning 12s!

Wow, what an amazing game yesterday! The Seahawks are heading to New York to play in the Super Bowl! I am still smiling from last night's excitement. Watching the confetti fall and celebrating with all of you was a once in a lifetime experience that I will never forget!

I am on my way to Honolulu as we speak to represent the Seahawks and the Sea Gals at the 2014 Pro Bowl and I couldn't be happier. Talk about a quick turn around, it feels like just moments ago I was jumping up and down with the best fans in the NFL and now I am ready to take off to Hawaii. Right after the game I rushed home to clean my uniforms and make sure they were in tip top shape, pack my bags, and practice my Pro Bowl dances. I feel like I'm in a dream!

Thank you Fans for being loud and proud! I can't wait to see what this week has in store for me! GO HAWKS!


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