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Breast Cancer Awareness Halftime

Posted Oct 3, 2011

A look back at the Sea Gals Breast Cancer Awareness halftime performance from three different perspectives.

Sherri Thompson
Sea Gal Director/Choreographer
Each year we invite eight area high school dance, drill, or cheer squads to join the Sea Gals for a halftime performance. The teams who accepted the invitation for the October 2nd game were Decatur Drill, Glacier Peak Cheer, Issaquah Dance, Kentwood Dance, Liberty Drill, Newport Drill, Thomas Jefferson Dance, and Tumwater Drill.

This year it was the Breast Cancer Awareness game so naturally we followed the theme for the halftime and went pink! 500 hot pink poms on the field made quite a statement! The choreography begins with music selection, editing, formation sketches, and then the dance steps. This year the music was about surviving and being strong! In the final minute of the performance the 245 dancers built a human BCA Ribbon and 50 survivors joined hands lining the ribbon. The fans responded with amazing support, everything from cheers to tears!

Melanie Krieger
Issaquah High School Dance Team Coach
Being a part of the Breast Cancer Awareness half-time performance was an amazing experience for our team. We were so happy to support such a wonderful cause, work directly with so many talented local teams, and dance with the fantastic Sea Gals. The half-time show was so well organized and the formation of the pink ribbon at the end with breast cancer survivors lining the field was definitely the highlight. The team had an amazing time performing for the Seahawks fans and being a part of this exciting opportunity. Thank you Sea Gals!

Sea Gal Brandy
For the past 24 hours, almost all I have been thinking about is that halftime show: a) how fun the choreography/music was, b) how fun it was to incorporate the different high schools, and get to meet and work with the kids, c) how amazing it was to hear the crowd cheer when we made the ribbon and d) how much it moved me when I turned around at the end of the performance and all the survivors were standing there with their hands held high. I seriously teared up, and that moment will be a "Sea Gals Memory" I will hold close to my heart for a very long time.

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