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Backstage: Thank You 2012 Sea Gals

Posted Feb 13, 2013

Following the Sea Gals final performance in Hong Kong, director Sherri Thompson reflects on the 2012 squad and all of their adventures.

The Sea Gals did an amazing job representing the Seahawks, the NFL and the entire country over the past week in Hong Kong. They worked hard, stayed positive, and greeted everyone with their warm and friendly personalities.

After flying about 20 hours, they had consecutive late night rehearsals and managed to stay focused, beautiful and professional. A director can’t ask for more than that. I love these ladies!

Their final performance in Hong Kong will be the last full squad performance for the 2012 Sea Gals. They have worked extremely hard for an entire year to reach the high bar which is set for them.

As I watched their last performance today my eyes filled with tears because my heart was so touched with pride. I watched them dance on stage using every ounce of energy they had and smiling that contagious smile that spreads throughout the crowd.

Auditions are just two months away and the 2013 team will be different as we select new members and build a new team. Some years we get a team that comes together so perfectly that it is very hard to think about starting over and letting the year end, this is one of those teams.

Thank you Sea Gals for a job well done here in Hong Kong and the entire season.

Thank you also to the Hong Kong Tourist Association for the amazing experience! We hope to return soon and perform again in the Chinese New Year Parade and festivities.

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