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Backstage: Game Day

Posted Aug 30, 2012

Sea Gals Director Sherri Thompson takes a behind the scenes look at what the Sea Gals go through on gameday.

Game day is exciting and fun for everyone but for the Sea Gals it is also an early morning start and a long day filled with hard work.

The week leading up to a game is usually two nights of hard review and setting the final lines. If a Sea Gal is unable to perform in the game there are many changes that must be made in the lines, formations, roll off numbers, etc.

Game Day Preparation

Like the Seahawks, the Sea Gals also have gameday rituals to get them prepared to perform for the 12th MAN.

I always eat a big plate of eggs the morning of a game and go on a short run. I layout all of my costumes and go through my checklist as I pack and I sit with my headphones on a do a mental run through of all the dances in my head imagining myself doing them perfectly. Just before I leave for the game I also use Crest white strips for 20 minutes so my teeth are extra sparkly white!

One of my morning or evening before rituals is that I bake organic chocolate chip cookies for all the girls. I have used the same recipe since I was a kid, and everyone seems to love them. I started this at the first game 2 years ago, and have made them for each game since! They are delicious AND organic!

Week of
:I always do a sparkle check the week of a game, this includes checking for missing jewels and windex-ing my rhinestones. I also buy game day gifts for my squad and the team and tan tan tan!

Night before:
Shoe shine!
Listen to the whole game list in bed before I fall asleep.

Day of: 
Wake up and play the game list again while i shower and do my makeup.

Put each uniform in a zip lock bag and labeled so I KNOW I have it all. (I still find myself opening and closing my garment bag, double checking I have it all.)

Most important! I always eat an enormous breakfast! I load up on carbs and proteins so I can make it through the game! Breakfast of champions!

I always make sure I have socks that match the theme of the game, ex: R,W&B for Veteran's game or pink for the BCA game, if there is no theme then its just Hawks colors! I have to bring a protein shake because the first time I did that my rookie year, I had the best game and had to keep doing it!

The pre-game dance, quarter change dances and two minute warnings are preset and rehearsed, however all sideline dances are random and without warning. Sea Gals must memorize and recognize the song, the intro, the dance, and the ending of about 15 songs each game. I construct a “game list” which lists out all performances, the random song list, report time, practice schedule, pre-game working assignments and attire for that game.

The Sea Gals report to the Sea Gals locker room at CenturyLink Field four hours before the game. They have a few minutes to drop everything in their dressing area and head out to the field for squad stretches. We spend about thirty minutes on sideline walkthrough within the individual squads (there are four squads, one in each corner). Next we review the pregame dance, this dance is the Sea Gals entrance onto the field and it means kickoff is near!

After rehearsing pregame we move onto the feature dances (the bigger dances performed in the end zones). We usually finish up the field rehearsal in about two hours and just in time to get off the field before gates open.

Sea Gals head into the locker room and get ready to go to work. We have two makeup artists and two hair stylists (Gene Juarez Advanced Training Salon) who quickly go to work on the gals. Within an hour or less the Sea Gals are in uniform with every lash and hair in place! Now it is time to head out and meet the greatest fans in the NFL.

The Sea Gals are paired up to work seven locations in the stadium as they greet fans, sell and sign calendars. Naturally they have police escorts with them. The remainder of the team prepares to perform for the fans that are enjoying the huge tailgate festivities, Touchdown City, in the CenturyLink Field Event Center. This performance is on the main stage about one hour before kickoff.

The Sea Gals must be back in the locker room thirty minutes before kickoff for a final touch up and a last minute stretch. The squad lines up and we check for every string, hair, and the most important lip color before heading out to the Northeast tunnel where the Sea Gals make their first appearance of the game. This is the moment we have been preparing for since mid-May. Go Sea Gals!

-Sherri Thompson, Sea Gal Director

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