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A Special Sunday

Posted Oct 18, 2013

For Sea Gals, Breast Cancer Survivors and high school cheerleaders last Sunday was a special day at CenturyLink Field during halftime of the Seahawks game.

Last Sunday, as we lined up to walk out onto the field, I knew it was going to be a great day! The sunshine was out, specs of pink floated through the stadium, and I could hear the roar of the 12s! Specs of pink you ask? Well October is breast cancer awareness month and the NFL is supporting the fight for a cure!

This game was special to us as we were joined by high school dance and cheer teams from all over the Seattle area. With our hot pink pom poms in hand, we danced, and came together at the end to form an amazing pink ribbon.

I don’t think I could have smiled wider when we heard the crowd started cheering as they saw the formation of the ribbon. At the same time, survivors which included both men and women, (yes men, you can get breast cancer) walked out onto the field with balloons and flowers.

I was overwhelmed with emotion when I saw them walk out, so much that I almost started to cry. What amazing and strong people to have overcome such a terrible disease. They are truly survivors and an inspiration to us all!
-Sea Gal Shelly

Being part of the Seahawk's Halftime Show was just a blast. The Seahawks organization starting with Erin Curtis and her crew made all of us as Breast Cancer Survivors feel very special.

The day was flawless (at least for us) we were kept warm and well fed. Yes, our seats were right next to the 12th Man Flag which was so special as we were able to see the joy in the Little League Team as they raised the flag which was amazing.

Also, as part of the Susan G. Komen family Blue Thunder leads our Survivor Parade at every Race for the Cure and low and behold, they were right next to us doing their magic. Being on the field was amazing and an experience we will always remember. Thank you Seahawks!
-Breast Cancer Survivor Peggy Maimon

It was a once in a lifetime experience for my squad and I to be able to perform at halftime of the Seahawks game. I've had Sea Gal Kelly as a dance instructor at Pacific West Performing Arts for years, and had so much fun dancing with her.

I can’t imagine a more inspiring cause to perform for; both the survivors and the crowd cheered us on the whole time. The 12th Man is truly amazing!
-Snohomish High School performer Annie

EXHILARATING...causing strong feelings of excitement and happiness. A perfect definition of what I was feeling at CenturyLink Field on October 13th.

As a Seahawks fan I was overcome with excitement being on the field. I have dreamed of that day so many times. However, I never dreamed that I would be on the field as a Breast Cancer Survivor.

As a survivor I was filled with so much happiness being part of such a great way to raise awareness in the fight against Breast Cancer. Thank you to the Seattle Seahawks for giving this Breast Cancer Survivor a very Exhilarating day!
-Breast Cancer Survivor Lisa Newell

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