Sharing the love of the Seahawks with thousands of your closest friends

Posted Oct 11, 2013

Being active on a few of the Seahawks fan forums, I wanted to introduce you to several of the options that are out there.

The concept of the fan forum is an interesting observation of social sciences. The arguments, the debates, the bonds and the passions are all real. There’s a lot of history on the Seahawks forums that can be found around the Web. Best-selling authors have emerged from forum posters and a few game-day institutions were founded because of forums.

Being active on a few of the fan forums, I wanted to introduce you to several of the options that are out there:

There’s a few others, but those are where you will find the finest opinions and communities to connect with your fellow 12s. I was curious about the history of one of the forums, especially heading into the Titans game. Members of are descending upon Seattle for its 8th annual Return to the Motherland. To share some of those memories, I connected with one of the sites founders, TC (that’s Top Cat to those in the know) for a brief Q&A:

Founding date:  Feb 12, 2006
Active monthly users:  Aapproximately 400,000 page views per month.

How did the site start?
The site started due to a need for Seahawks fans to have a place to go that was well moderated. After our loss in the Super Bowl, Steeler fans would not leave the newspaper forums (PI & Seattle Times) and were allowed to run rampant. The sites name originated from a practical joke I played on another member, Psychobabbler (of the 12th Fan View fame), and the site was born. The first post, “ARE YOU READY FOR SOME FOOTBALL?!?!?!”
What makes the site special?
The demographics are what makes the site special. Great members coupled with great moderation = great site. We have members from all over the world. We have members from other fan bases. When members show a pattern of misbehavior at our site, they are cut. Earn everything…

Why are people drawn to fan forums?
I think people come to forums to hang out with their buddies. I know they can do the same thing on Facebook, but I think they are two different animals. On Facebook you have your family and friends, with varied interests. On a forum you have a group of people with one thing on their mind… Seahawks. Facebook is like a formal gathering with friends and family. When you get home, you change your clothes into something comfortable, and hang out in the basement with your buds. That’s what is all about.

How did the Motherland start?
Motherland is a once a year gathering for members at a game that is voted on by the members. It started in 2006. We all got together for the Rams vs Seahawks. We roasted an entire lamb on a rotisserie and did all kinds of cool stuff. It started off as a one-time thing, but has been repeated every year since. Seahawk fans come from all over the globe to attend. It is truly one of the neatest things I’ve ever been a part of, and there are a lot of special memories for me personally from the Motherland get togethers.

How do you describe the community that forms around fan forums?
At our site we have a pretty tight community. There are members who have been there many years. It’s like family for most members. You have little spats here and there, but you always recover and move on. You have a lot of happiness and celebration when the Seahawks win J. Most of all, you have friends to talk to when life goes sideways. The Seahawks are something we all have in common, but there is more to life then football.

What's your favorite memory because of the site?
I have a lot of great memories from this site. All of the Motherland get togethers have produced great memories. I think the thing that has produced the most great memories for me is a live internet radio show we used to do called “Bluewave Radio”. I have so many great memories from that show. It was produced by myself and hosted by Denis (MOSES), Andy (HavokHawk), Dustin (XrayHawk) and Ryan (DangerRyan). We did a lot of crazy stuff on the show. When the news got out about Marshawn getting Skittles from his mom when he scored a TD, we took Skittles and infused them with vodka and did a taste test on the show. We have called fans of other teams the week before we played them (live on the show) and had some fun with them. Many good times.

Running and Bluewave Radio have been pretty taxing for me the last 7 years and I have recently taken a leave from both of them. The site continues to be well moderated under the same ideals that it was founded on. It’s a great time to be a member, and it’s a great time to be a Seahawks fan!