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Posted Oct 4, 2013

Thanks to social media, millions more were able to experience the thrill of the interception and the jubilation that followed the victory in Houston.

When Richard Sherman stepped in front of Houston Texans tight end Owen Daniels to pick the game-tying interception late in Sunday’s 23-20 overtime victory in Houston, millions of TV viewers saw it live.

But thanks to social media, millions more were able to experience the thrill of the interception and the jubilation that followed the victory. In fact, the tweet immediately following Sherman's interception achieved more than 19 times the usual reach of a tweet from @Seahawks. This means that 19 times as many people saw the tweet that exclaimed “TOUCHDOWN SEAHAWKS” than most other tweets including a final score tweet that was retweeted 2,454 times and favorited 1,015 times.

But there’s more. On Seahawks Facebook, more than 1.6 million people experienced the shoeless interception for their final score post, which is the second-most viewed posting on their social network.


Last week I wrote about how social media is bringing fans and players together. But social media is also allowing us to revel in the victories and commiserate the losses together as a collective fan base. When Houston scored its first touchdown, only 16 people retweeted the tweet. But when @MoneyLynch walked into the end zone with 7:43 left in the game, 411 people retweeted that tweet.

But these are just stats. Numbers. What I have found compelling in watching the social media trends this season is the raw passion that fans express. Don’t believe me? Just ask this #12 that is currently serving our country in Afghanistan. His comment has amassed more than 1,400 likes on Facebook. A comment that thanks to social media, thousands of people got to share in his joy and send their appreciation for his service.

The popularity of the Seahawks on social media will likely continue to grow as more people connect with the Seahawks. In fact, this week saw huge numbers on multiple platforms:

  • Highest reach on Twitter ever
  • Richard Sherman (@RSherman_25) mentioned 14,363 times on Sunday alone
  • #GoHawks used 29,733 times on Twitter (approximately 10,000 of those probably came from me) compared to only 14,323 times during the Jacksonville game
  • #LOUDER was used 9,623 times on Twitter which was indeed LOUDER than the 7,786 times in Week 3 against the Jaguars
  • Second-highest reach on Facebook ever (the six posts on game day reached a combined total of 3.1 million people)
  • This photo on Instagram has earned nearly 20,000 likes.


One other social network I’ve seen grow is the subreddit dedicated to the Seahawks. It is still not one of the highly trafficked subreddits, but the discussions and links being shared have picked up in pace.

In the coming weeks, we’ll look at one of the original social networks: Forums. I’ll break down some of the trends we’re seeing on the fan forums dedicated to the Seahawks.