Look who’s coming to camp: Day Eight

Posted Aug 2, 2013

A closer look at three of the 2,575 members of the 12th Man that turned out Friday for the eighth practice at Seahawks Training Camp presented by Bing.

Photo Gallery | Training Camp Mock Game: 12th Man

Friday’s rain-soaked mock game that was featured in the eighth practice at Seahawks training camp presented by Bing attracted a crowd of 2,575 fans – including one who was wearing his father’s Cortez Kennedy jersey; another who was wearing a Kennedy Hall of Fame jersey; and one who bought a flat-screen TV to watch the Seahawks play in Super Bowl XL.

Lane Shigihara

Age: 21

From: Bellevue

Fan since: “Since I was 10.”

Favorite current Seahawk: Russell Wilson. “He had this ad for Levi last year and, man, he sold me on that with his three P’s – perspective, purpose and perseverance. His work ethic is just amazing.”

Favorite all-time Seahawk: Cortez Kennedy. “Whenever my dad brought me to games he was always talking to me about what a great player Cortez was,” said Shigihara, who was wearing his father’s No. 96 Kennedy jersey. “I never got to see him play. But my dad always told me, ‘You’ve got to watch his NFL tapes.’ And they’re just amazing.”

Favorite moment in franchise history: “When we beat the Carolina Panthers for the NFC Championship (in 2005). My dad took my brother to that game, so they were there and I was watching at home with my mom. But that was probably my favorite game.”

Tim Rhodes

Age: 35

From: Shelton

Fan since: “For life.”

Favorite current Seahawk: Kam Chancellor. “Just the pop. Him and (Richard) Sherman together, just the flat-out, hardnosed football. I love it.”

Favorite all-time Seahawk: Cortez Kennedy. “By far,” said Rhodes, who was wearing a Kennedy No. 96 jersey with the Pro Football Hall of Fame patch that became available last summer when Tez was inducted into the Hall. “Just the legacy he left. Just the way he played the game. And he was always a Seahawk, which helps a lot.”

Favorite moment in franchise history: “Wow, there’s a lot. Probably when (Steve) Largent set the (NFL) record for touchdown catches,” he said of the 1989 game against the Bengals when Largent caught his 100th – and last – TD pass.

Vickie Barron

Age: “I’m in the over-50 crowd.”

From: Kirkland

Fan since: 1976

Favorite current Seahawk: Marshawn Lynch. “He’s been my favorite since he’s been a Seahawk,” said Barron, who had the No. 24 jersey she got from her daughters for Christmas last year in her bag. “I just love watching how he can get in there and just go for it. It’s amazing.”

Favorite all-time Seahawk: “Oh my gosh, that’s really tough because there are a few. It started with (Steve) Largent. Then there was (Shaun) Alexander, I always liked watching him. And, of course, my Lynch and (Russell) Wilson, too.”

Favorite moment in franchise history: “One of my favorites is the Super Bowl, because I had to buy a flat-screen (TV) just to watch it,” said Barron, who was wearing a crocheted Hawk-head hat that her cousin made and accompanied by her daughter, Ashlie, and grandson, Anthony.