Look who’s coming to Week 6 against the Titans

Posted Oct 13, 2013

The fans attending the Seahawks’ game against the Titans on Sunday included a native of Guadalajara, a fan-since-birth from Oregon and another Oregonian who likes all things Richard Sherman.

A look at three of the fans, and their friends, who are attending the Seahawks’ game against the Tennessee Titans at CenturyLink Field on Sunday:

Michael Holloran

Age: 37

From: The Dalles, Ore.

Accompanied by: His 14-year-old son, Jacob.

Fan since: “I was born. Dad had me in the Seahawks’ clothes right off the get-go.”

Favorite current player: “That’s one question you always ask people that I’m like, ‘Uh, I wouldn’t know how to answer that.’ I would just say 12th Man. The 12th Man is extremely important here at home. So I would go with the 12th Man.”

Favorite all-time player: Steve Largent. “My mom’s a huge (Jim) Zorn fan. But I would have to go with Largent. You can’t go wrong with Largent.” Holloran then caught himself and went with another Steve. “You know what, here’s a different name for you – Steve Broussard. I made a personal jersey of Steve Broussard. I took an old Rick Mirer jersey, No. 3, and put the 1 on the side of it and turned it into a 31. I took the name off the back and made it a Broussard. Because that guy, kick returner, third-down running back. Loved that guy.”

Favorite moment in franchise history: “My all-time favorite moment, my wife and I – before we got married – she bought me tickets to come to the game. And it was a Houston Oilers game. Not the Titans, but the Oilers. We were sitting pretty high up in the Kingdome and everybody was pretty down and kind of depressed around me because they were about to kick a field goal to win the game. I said, ‘You’d better block one now. If you’ve ever blocked one before, block it now.’ I’m saying it over and over again. Man, we blocked that kick and we ran it back for a touchdown. Everybody jumped up and started hugging me and telling me thank you.” It was Michael McCrary who had the block and Robert Blackmon the scoring return after McCrary lateraled him the ball. “Dude, I was stoked.”

Brittany Lowe

Age: 19

From: Portland

Accompanied by: Her fiancé, Robert Harding

Fan since: “Since this season started.”

Favorite current player: Richard Sherman. “Because he talks a lot of (bleep),” said Lowe, who was wearing a No. 25 Sherman jersey. “And he’s awesome.”

Favorite all-time player: Richard Sherman. “He’s the one.”

Favorite moment in franchise history: “When they were playing the Texans (in Week 4) and his shoe flew off and he got the interception at the end,” she said of Sherman’s pick-six to tie the score in the fourth quarter.

Pablo Flores

Age: 44

From: Lake Stevens now, but originally Guadalajara

Accompanied by: Chole Olymtio

Fan since: “1991-92. Back in the Kingdome days.”

Favorite current player: Richard Sherman. “He’s cocky and he knows what he’s doing.”

Favorite all-time player: Steve Largent. “Just a good player.”

Favorite moment in franchise history: “It has to be 2005. They went to the Super Bowl. It doesn’t get any better than that.”

And here's a look at a few more familiar faces attending today's game against the Titans...