Look who’s coming to Week 3 vs Jacksonville Jaguars

Posted Sep 22, 2013

A look at three of the 67,000-plus fans who are attending the Seahawks’ game against the Jacksonville Jaguars on Sunday afternoon at CenturyLink Field.

Adie Parris

Age: 13

From: Portland, Ore.

Accompanied by: her mother, Angie; and grandparents, Mike and Maggie.

Favorite current player: “I don’t really know. I like them all.”

Favorite all-time Seahawk: Steve Largent. “Because he’s in the Hall of Fame,” said Parris, who was wearing a No. 80 Largent jersey.

Favorite moment in franchise history: “When we broke the (crowd) sound record last week,” she said of the 12th Man registering a 136.6 to enter the Guinness Book of World Records.

Carlos Torres

Age: 28

From: Yakima

Accompanied by: Jimmy Quintanilla, who he works with.

Favorite current player: Kam Chancellor. “He is very smart,” said Torres, who was wearing a No. 31 Chancellor sweatshirt. “He’s is very big and physical. That’s the reason we signed him for five years, right?”

Favorite all-time Seahawk: Kenny Easley. “I do like physical players, and defense is my favorite. That’s why I like Pete Carroll.”

Favorite moment in franchise history: “The Marshawn Lynch run,” he said of Lynch’s 67-yard TD run that iced the 2010 wild-card playoff win over the defending Super Bowl champion New Orleans Saints. “I was invited to the game, but I didn’t get to come because I had other things to do that day. But I saw the game and I couldn’t believe that run. It was really awesome to watch and I had never seen anything like that.”

Tara Andrean

Age: 26

From: Alberta, Canada

Accompanied by: Shane Haugen, her boyfriend

Favorite current player: “No.”

Favorite all-time Seahawk: “Don’t have one.”

Favorite moment in franchise history: “We’re just here for the football game because we came here for the weekend,” said Andrean, who was unaware that it was Canada Day and was attending her first Seahawks game. Added Haugen, “We bought the tickets like three weeks ago.”