Look who’s coming to Week 2 vs San Francisco 49ers

Posted Sep 15, 2013

A closer look at some of the fans who are attending the Seahawks’ nationally televised home opener against the San Francisco 49ers on Sunday night at CenturyLink Field.

Danielle Homa

Age: 21
From: Kent
Accompanied by: Her brother, Joseph
Favorite current player: Russell Wilson. “He’s amazing.”
Favorite all-time Seahawk: “I like Russell Wilson, honestly. He’s young. I feel like he has really good passion. He’s really into it. I like Pete Carroll, too.”
Favorite moment in franchise history: “When they blocked the kick against the 49ers here last year,” she said of Red Bryant blocking a field-goal attempt that was returned 90 yards for a touchdown by Richard Sherman in the Seahawks’ 42-13 victory in Week 16.
How long have you been anticipating tonight: “Months and months.”

Ed Stanley

Age: 56
From: Shelton
Accompanied by: His wife, Cheryl
Favorite current player: Russell Wilson. “Because he’s proven that he can manage a team. He’s awesome. He came in as a rookie and just blew us away. I really wasn’t a fan of his until he won the Chicago game, twice, last year. That’s when I said, ‘He’s the man.’ ”
Favorite all-time Seahawk: Steve Largent. “He was just a run-his-route, catch-the-ball guy. He was steady, had good hands. He was always there.”
Favorite moment in franchise history: “When we won the (NFC) Championship,” he said of the 2005 NFC title game. “We were at that game. Just winning and knowing we were going to the Super Bowl, it was awesome. The game was over and nobody moved. Grown men had tears running down their faces. It was amazing, just amazing.”
How long have you been anticipating tonight: “It’s always fun to play the 49ers. It’s always exciting. Now that we don’t play the Raiders and Broncos, we’ve got to find somebody to beat up on.”

Mark Kawakami

Age: 50
From: Seattle
Accompanied by: His wife, Sylvia
Favorite current player: Marshawn Lynch. “Just because of Skittles, man. I like Skittles, too.”
Favorite all-time Seahawk: Cortez Kennedy. “He’s a friend of our friend, so we see him every year.”
Favorite moment in franchise history: “The catch,” he said of Golden Tate’s game-winning grab in the end zone on the final play of last year’s game against the Green Bay Packers. “We were thinking no way that he caught it (laughed). But we were happy that they won.”
How long have you been anticipating tonight: “We were both born in San Francisco. So this is a big game for us.”