Look who’s coming the Seahawks’ game against the Cardinals

Posted Dec 22, 2013

The Seahawks return from back-to-back road trips to host the Arizona Cardinals at CenturyLink Field on Sunday and among the 12th Man fans attending are a fan from Year One, one who can’t pick just one favorite Seahawk and another who heard the roar from Marshawn Lynch’s "Beast Quake" run in Tacoma.

A closer look at some of the 68,000-plus fans who are attending the Seahawks’ game against the Arizona Cardinals at CenturyLink Field on Sunday:

Fred Goss

Age: 47

From: Vancouver, WA

Accompanied by: His son and daughter, and his partner in season tickets with his son and his son’s friend.

Fan since: 1976. “When I was 10 years old, we came to the second inaugural game.”

Favorite current Seahawk: Richard Sherman. “He just does the job. Just shows it the way the Seahawks need to play.”

Favorite all-time Seahawk: Steve Largent. “The obvious reasons. I grew up watching him and he was the one guy I could throw in anybody’s face, like, ‘Yeah, what about him,’ when they talk about who they knew.”

Favorite moment this season: “When we came from 21 points behind (against Tampa Bay to win in overtime).”

Favorite all-time moment: “When I was the only one in our section of the stands screaming, ‘Block. That. Kick,’ when Tony Romo fumbled (the field-goal snap in the 2006 wild-card playoff win over the Cowboys). I was here when (Marshawn) Lynch had the run (in the 2010 wild-card win over the Saints). But my favorite moment is when Romo fumbled that. The Lynch thing was great. But in the last minute, everything on the line. I was the only one in our section standing and screaming, ‘Come on, we got this.’ ”

Jaclyn Ponther

Age: 28

From: Arlington

Accompanied by: Her mom, Linda O’Leary, or “1 Hawk Momma,’ as it says on the back of her jersey; and her mom’s friend, Liz.

Fan since: 28 years

Favorite current Seahawk: “Gosh, there’s too many to name – (Russell) Wilson; (Golden) Tate, he’s probably one of my favorites; (Richard) Sherman; (Marshawn) Lynch.”

Favorite all-time Seahawk: Walter Jones. “You’d better say Walter,” her mom injected. “Walter, because he was an amazing player,” Jaclyn said. “My mom has a bike dedicated to him. He’s only seen pictures of it so far. We keep trying to get him out to our Seahawkers meetings, so he can actually autograph the bike.”

Favorite moment this season: “Only one? I don’t know if I can come up with only one. Maybe just the fact that we’re 12-2 right now. That’s an amazing thing right there.”

Favorite all-time moment: “Going to the Super Bowl (after the 2005 season).

Daniel Horse

Age: 32

From: Tacoma

Accompanied by: Sarah. “She’s my baby's momma,” Horse said.

Fan since: “Since somewhere between ’95 and ’97.”

Favorite current Seahawk: “I’m a fan of all the players, actually. I’m a 12th Man.”

Favorite all-time Seahawk: Steve Largent. “It’s always going to have to be Steve Largent, because he set the standard for the Seahawks and nobody has surpassed him yet.”

Favorite moment this season: “When Russell Wilson spun from the pressure and fired that pass to Zach Miller (against the Texans in Houston). You thought he was tackled and he bounced out the side and came out of nowhere to throw that pass right there in the end zone.”

Favorite all-time moment: “The Beast Mode, baby. Come on, now. New Orleans playoff (game after the 2010 season). The Richter scale. We were in Tacoma and I could hear them from miles in Tacoma. Everybody in Tacoma was yelling.”