12th Fan View - vs San Francisco 49ers

Posted Sep 19, 2013

Seahawks fan Chuck McGowan brings us a look at his '12th Fan View' video series, as he documents Seahawks home games from his seat in the upper level at CenturyLink Field.

As a Seahawks fan, I have never been so excited entering the season. In just their fourth season since taking the helm, John Schneider and Pete Carroll have assembled quite the cast, a cast I’ve been wanting to see on our side of the field for a number of years. A defensive juggernaut.

During ex-coach Mike Holmgren’s glory years, I was placated by the winning of division titles, but never really appreciated the style of team he wanted to field. I have long been a proponent of a smash-mouth defensive team, and his finesse teams, while exciting to watch at times, grated on me because of the lack of defensive domination. The 2013 Seahawks’ defense is the defense I have been wanting for many, many years.

The Seahawks opened their 2013 season on the road in Charlotte, North Carolina, escaping a 10 a.m. West Coast start time with a hard-fought 12-7 victory. It wasn’t exactly a thing of beauty, but the defense played extremely well, limiting the Panthers to seven points and making the big play when it needed to be made. Jermaine Kearse provided a leaping touchdown grab to provide enough offense to get out of Charlotte with a win. And for a franchise that historically struggles on the road in early games that is one monkey off their back. It was huge to get a road win in the first game of the season.

For the Seahawks home opener in Week 2, the San Francisco 49ers sauntered into CenturyLink Field with the swagger of a division and conference champion. By the time the game was over, some of them left the field without even shaking their opponents’ hands after suffering a beat-down on national television. The Seahawks staked their claim on the early-season division lead with a convincing 29-3 victory.

Heading into the game, I was expecting a defensive struggle, and for the first half, I was not disappointed as the Seahawks took a 5-0 lead into the locker room. The first half was marked by defensive domination, turnovers, penalties and an hour-long weather delay. To have a football game delayed in Seattle for lightning is like getting a baseball rainout in Phoenix. It just doesn’t happen. Thunderstorms are fairly infrequent in the Seattle area, so this was definitely a rarity for us.

The second half of the game, though, belonged to the Seahawks. What had been a slugfest through the first half turned into a laugher down the stretch as the Seahawks used their stifling defense to produce five takeaways and limit the 49ers to a little over 200 yards of offense for the game. Richard Sherman led the way for the defense with an interception (one of three for the Legion of Boom) on his way to NFC Defensive Player of the Week, while Marshawn Lynch hit pay dirt three times while combining for more than 100 yards of total offense.

They say in order to be the champ, you have to beat the champ. The Seahawks did just that on Sunday evening, and in convincing fashion. The 12th Man was in postseason form, as they set a new world record for loudest outdoor stadium in the world. I have to tell was loud in there. And after that game, there can be no doubt that the crowd definitely can influence the game.


12th Fan View would like to thank all the folks that stopped and said “Hi!” to me along the way last Sunday. I always have a minute for you if you want to stop and say “Hi!” It means a lot to me to know that you watch and appreciate what I do. Thanks for your support!