#Seahawks are frightening on and off the field

Posted Oct 25, 2013

As we gear up to get ready for the first of two appearances on Monday Night Football this year, Eric Berto was thinking about how scared opponents must be right now.

We’ve had a few days to reflect on a team that is 6-1 for the first time in franchise history. As we gear up to get ready for the first of two appearances on Monday Night Football this year, I was thinking about how scared opponents must be right now.

But then I realized that it’s just because it’s Halloween. Since I don’t have any game stats to share this week, I thought I would instead share some of the creative Halloween pumpkins I’ve seen. These are the Legion of Boom of Jack O Lanterns:

I love seeing the way that fans carve up pumpkins the way Golden Tate carves a sideline. If I were to attempt this type of art, it would turn out like Marshawn Lynch blowing up through the middle of a defense.

(I just really wanted to show that picture again)

I’ll tell you what else has people scared this week: the return of a certain offensive player.

Oh, and this one too… hopefully. Or at least as soon as possible.

That’s real fear right there. And if you’re scared by that, what better way to seek solace than with other Seahawks fans. As we look forward to Monday Night Football, a lot of us have been wondering where we can gather with fellow #12s and watch the game. Thanks to social media, finding out where has never been easier.

I think that perhaps the sports bar is one of the original social networks. We are all loyal to certain ones. We have a certain group of people we talk to. Stories are shared across tables and pictures even get posted to walls. And thanks to social media, fans around the world have the ability to find other fans and watch the Hawks.

The Seahawks Road Crew is bring the #12s to the away game, but when you can’t be there in person, social media is here to unite you. The website is a great way to find a Seahawks-friendly spot to watch a game. Whether you’re in Hong Kong or New York during the season, there’s a meet-up for Seahawks fans.

The prevalence of Facebook groups is a boon for those looking for a way to connect with other fans. Being able to connect to like-minded people to watch games, talk Hawks or share the excitement around getting Percy Harvin back is great. But even if you’re in Australia, there’s ways to connect with other #12s.

Tweet me @Geekgiant with where you’re checking in from, I’d love to see the global Seahawk love.

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