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Spirit of 12 The 12th MAN Tagboards

12 Flag Raisers

"The 12th Man has an unparalleled impact on game days." - Pete Caroll


At every home game just before kickoff, the flag is raised in honor of the 12th MAN. From former Seahawks greats, to local celebrities and sports personalities, being called upon to raise the flag has become an honor within itself.

Aug. 15 San Diego Chargers Willy Harper, John & Heather Axtman | Interview
Aug. 22 Chicago Bears

DeAndre Yedlin | Interview

Sept. 4 Green Bay Packers Hall of Famers | Jones Interview | Largent Interview
Sept. 21 Denver Broncos Nate Robinson | Interview
Oct. 12 Dallas Cowboys Jordan Babineaux | Interview
Aug. 17 Denver Broncos Blair Bush | Interview
Aug. 29 Oakland Raiders Derrick Jensen | Interview
Sept. 15 San Francisco 49ers Shaun Alexander | Interview
Sept. 22 Jacksonville Jaguars Jack Sikma | Interview
Oct. 13 Tennessee Titans Eastlake Little League All-Stars | Interview
Nov. 3 Tampa Bay Buccaneers 1983 Seahawks | Interview
Nov. 17 Minnesota Vikings Bruce Crandall | Interview
Dec. 2 New Orleans Saints Fred Couples | Interview
Dec. 22 Arizona Cardinals Nathan Adrian | Interview
Dec. 29 St. Louis Rams Jay Buhner | Interview
Jan. 11 New Orleans Saints Jim Zorn | Interview
Jan. 19 San Francisco 49ers Paul Allen | Interview
Aug. 11 Tenessee Titans Steve August | Interview
Aug. 30 Oakland Raiders Washington State Olympians | Interview
Sept. 16 Dallas Cowboys Shawn Springs | Interview
Sept. 24 Green Bay Packers Trent Dilfer | Interview
Oct. 14 New England Patriots Walter Jones | Interview
Nov. 4 Minnesota Vikings Detlef Schrempf | Interview
Nov. 11 New York Jets Joe Moser | Interview
Dec. 9 Arizona Cardinals Jon Kitna | Interview
Dec. 23 San Francisco 49ers Sam Adams | Interview
Dec. 30 St. Louis Rams Sigi Schmid | Interview
Aug. 20 Minnesota Vikings Chip Hanauer | Interview
Sept. 2 Oakland Raiders Greg Haugen | Interview
Sept. 25 Arizona Cardinals Chris Warren | Interview
Oct. 2 Atlanta Falcons Jason Terry | Interview
Oct. 30 Cincinnati Bengals Felix Hernandez | Interview
Nov. 13 Baltimore Ravens George Hickman | Interview
Nov. 27 Washington Redskins Rufus Porter | Interview
Dec. 1 Philadelphia Eagles Bill Russell
Dec. 12 St. Louis Rams Cortez Kennedy | Interview
Dec. 24 San Francisco 49ers Shawn Kemp | Interview
Aug. 14 Tennessee Titans Frank Beede | Interview
Aug. 21 Green Bay Packers J.R. Celski | Interview
Sept. 12 San Fransico 49ers Chad Brown | Interview
Sept. 26 San Diego Chargers Nate McMillan | Interview
Oct. 24 Arizona Cardinals Isaiah Kacyvenski | Interview
Nov. 7 New York Giants Lt. Lynn "Buck" Compton | Interview
Nov. 28 Kansas City Chiefs Tom Skerritt | Interview
Dec. 5 Carolina Panthers Howard Mudd | Interview
Dec. 19 Atlanta Falcons Tim Lincecum | Interview
Jan. 2 St. Louis Rams Brian Blades | Interview
Jan. 8 New Orleans Saints Walter Jones | Interview
Aug. 22 Denver Broncos Mallory Holtman, Sara Tucholsky & Liz Wallace
Sept. 3 Oakland Raiders Jon Fine
Sept. 13 St. Louis Rams Jacob Green
Sept. 27 Chicago Bears Jim Whittaker
Oct. 11 Jacksonville Jaguars Edwin Bailey
Oct. 18 Arizona Cardinals Rusty Tillman
Nov. 8  Detroit Lions Huston Riley
Dec. 6  San Francisco 49ers Fred Brown, John Johnson & Gus Williams
Dec. 20 Tampa Bay Buccaneers Kasey Keller
Jan. 3 Tennessee Titans Ken Griffey Jr.
Aug. 16 Chicago Bears Paul Moyer
Aug. 29 Oakland Raiders JP Patches
Sep. 14 San Francisco 49ers Chris Gray 
Sep. 21 St. Louis Rams Kenny Mayne
Oct. 12 Green Bay Packers Gary Payton
Nov. 2 Philadelphia Eagles John L. Williams
Nov. 16  Arizona Cardinals Ricky Watters
Nov. 23  Washington Redskins Hope Solo
Dec. 7 New England Patriots Sam Adkins
Dec. 1   New York Jets Kathy Holmgren
Aug. 25 Minnesota Vikings Dan Doornink
Aug. 30 Oakland Raiders Jeff Bryant
Sep. 9 Tampa Bay Buccaneers Mama Blue
Sep. 23 Cincinnati Bengals Apolo Ohno
Oct. 14 New Orleans Saints Mack Strong 
Oct. 21 St. Louis Rams Ichiro
Nov. San Francisco 49ers Drew Carey 
Nov. 18 Chicago Bears Jerry Cantrell and Matt Cameron 
Dec. 9  Arizona Cardinals Sig Hansen 
Dec. 23 Baltimore Ravens Robbie Tobeck 
Jan. 5 Washington Redskins Jamie Moyer 
Aug. 12  Dallas Cowboys Hugh McElehenny
Aug. 31 Oakland Raiders Norm Johnson
Sep. 17 Arizona Cardinals Cortez Kennedy
Sep. 24 New York Giants Pike Place Fish Mongers
Oct. 22 Minnesota Vikings Dave Niehaus
Nov. 6  Oakland Raiders Warren Moon 
Nov. 12 St. Louis Rams Lenny Wilkens 
Nov. 27 Green Bay Packers Kasey Kahne
Dec. 14 San Francisco 49ers Bill the Beerman
Dec. 24 San Diego Chargers Josh Lucas
Jan. 6 Dallas Cowboys Marcus Trufant
Aug. 22 Dallas Cowboys David Eger
Sep. 2 Minnesota Vikings Sam McCullum
Sep. 18 Atlanta Falcons Joe Nash
Sep. 25 Arizona Cardinals Chuck Knox
Oct. 16 Houston Texans Ed Viesturs
Oct. 23 Dallas Cowboys Efran Herrera
Nov. 13 St. Louis Rams Manu Tuiasosopo
Nov. 27 New York Giants Lorenzo Romar
Dec. 11 San Francisco 49ers Kenny Easley
Dec. 24 Indianapolis Colts Jack Patera
Jan. 14 Washington Redskins Ken Hamlin
Jan. 22 Carolina Panthers Paul Allen
Aug. 21 Denver Broncos Warren Moon and Steve Raible
Sep. 2 Minnesota Vikings Summer Olympians from Washington State 
Sep. 26 San Francisco Dave Krieg
Oct. 10 St. Louis Rams Don James
Oct. 31 Carolina Panthers Eugene Robinson
Nov. 21 Miami Dolphins UW-Chuck Nelson and WS-Jack Thomson
Nov. 28 Buffalo Bills John Nordstrom representing original owners
Dec. 6 Dallas Cowboys Edgar Martinez
Dec. 24 Arizona Cardinals Rangers from Ft. Lewis
Jan. 2 Atlanta Falcons Mothers of Seahawks players
Jan. 8 St. Louis Rams Ring of Honor members
Oct. 12 San Francisco 49ers 12 Original Season Ticket Holders
Oct. 19 Chicago Bears Cortez Kennedy
Nov. 2 Pittsburg Steelers Curt Warner
Nov. 16 Detroit Lions Steve Largent
Nov. 30 Cleveland Browns Mike McCormack
Dec. 21 Arizona Cardinals Frosty Westering